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Tanya Pavelovna is a Soviet Russian soldier, who holds the distinction of being the only playable female character so far in the Call of Duty series. Tanya was born in the small west Russian village of Pitomnik. The village was isolated from much of the rest of Russia, and for this reason many of its inhabitants knew little of the war that was raging between the Nazis and the rest of Soviet Russia. 
However, Tanya's view of the ongoing war was altered considerably, when the Wehrmacht entered the village of Pitomnik and started to attack anyone and everyone they found. Tanya was separated from her family, and fled into the woodlands around the village, where she was found by a Red Army patrol. She enlisted with the Red Army soon after this. 
During her time as part of the Red Army, she was attacked by a larger German patrol, which devastated the small Soviet patrol she was with. Seeking solstice in a collapsed building, she found a dead comrade clutching a scoped Mosin-Nagant rifle. Aware that she would be killed if she was captured, Tanya started firing back at the Nazi attackers with this rifle. She killed four Nazis, and claims that she heard her father guiding her aim. She was collected soon after by Soviet reinforcements. Tanya's skill as a sniper was reported back to the Soviet headquarters, and she was reassigned as a sniper in the ravaged city of Stalingrad.  
Tanya appears during four missions, and is playable for two of them. In the other two missions she appears, she appears as an NPC, but does provide the player character with orders. During missions where Tanya is playable, she is able to pick up other weapons from German and Russian bodies. 

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