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Initial Stats:
LV: 1
HP: 11
MP: 7
ATT: 8
DEF: 4
AGI: 8
MOV: 5

 Blaze 1(Level 1)
 Blaze 2(Level 4)
 Blaze 3(Level 12)
 Blaze 4(Level 20)
 Sleep (Level 8)
 Dispel (Level 16)
 Boost (Level 27)
Starting Equipment: 
Wooden Staff
Overview as a mage
Tao is a great support character. She is weak as far as DEF and she has low HP so she should be keep in the back of party and attacking from afar.
Overview as a wizard
Tao still has low DEF and HP as a wizard but it is far less crucial. Her spells continue to be supportive.
Tao can be found in Guardiana.

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