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Taptiles is a Windows 8 puzzle game developed by Arkadium and published by Microsoft Studios. The game is free from the Windows Store and can be played on touch screen devices or with a traditional mouse and keyboard. Taptiles integrates with Xbox LIVE for Achievements and Leaderboards.

Taptiles is a 3D puzzle and matching game. The player must clear matching pairs of cube-shaped tiles in order to complete each puzzle, usually before a timer runs out. Tiles can only be cleared when they have at least one edge completely free, and points are awarded for players who can match quickly and build a speed chain. Different game modes provide different types of challenges.

Taptiles includes 4 game modes:

  • Dash mode - A fast-paced race against the clock
  • Origins mode - A more methodical puzzle game
  • Relaxation mode - An untimed mode for players who want a more relaxed experience
  • Daily Challenges - a set of unique twists on the core game, which are updated daily with a new Challenge to try

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