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The beast is described as having a lion' s head, 6 short legs, a tortoise shell and a scaly tail. It was said to have made it's home in Nerluc, around Provence, France.

Though the King of Nerluc assaulted the Tarasque with ranged missiles and cavalry it would not fall. Saint Martha, however, charmed the beast and led it all the way back to the city. When the Tarasque was sighted by the townspeople it was brutally assaulted and killed, having put up little resistance. The town would later come to be called Tarascon, in repentance for their deeds against the tamed beast.

Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha Vs. The Soulless Army

Tarasque, a fine connoisseur

Tarasque appears as a demon of the Frost clan and the second boss of the game.

He resides in the basement of the Daidouji Residence, barring Raidou's path about midway through the dungeon. He asks to be brought liquor before letting anyone pass. Upon fulfillment of this request he engages Raidou in battle. After being defeated he'll ask to be brought... more alcohol. After which Raidou will be allowed to ride Tarasque across the lake, and later in the game he can be summoned by playing a flute near bodies of water on the overworld.

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