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Tarew Marr is the first member of the Triumvirate of Water, the third creation of The Nameless.  He was created along with E'ci and Povar to govern the element of water, the life giving force of the universe.  Tarew Marr is tasked with governing water's most abundant form, liquid.  Like the other elemental gods, they are not and cannot be fully comprehended by mortals, or even the lesser gods.  He cares not for the affairs of lesser beings, though it could be argued that he is good-natured, for he gave the universe his twin children, Mithaniel and Erollisi, the patrons of valor and love, respectively.


In most lore, Tarew Marr is depicted as a frail man with cropped hair and a short beard.  The Fathom Lord's hands and feet are webbed and he often carries a shepherd's crook.  He is one of many gods who have yet to make their presence known to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.    

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