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Targa originally began making gaming content for Facebook with games that encompassed a variety of genres with titles such as Little Warrior, Jungle Extreme and Vegas Slot all of which gained respectable amounts of popularity and user activity. However, due to a shift in the market Targa decided to focus on delivering quality content for the free to play browser based MMO-RTS market with their first game ‘Exoplanet War’ which currently boasts a user base of 300 thousand and was officially released in Q1 of 2011.

Set in a distant future where three distinct civilizations are vying for control of a rare and powerful element that resides on a planet that was once believed to be a myth; the game allows players to create armies to take over the territory of other players whilst also aiming to build up a substantial territorial dominance themselves by claiming land as their own.

With a new area recently added to the game we are still very much dedicated to providing memorable gaming experiences to our user’s months after the games release.

‘Uprising Empires’ is Targa's second browser based MMO-RTS that is currently entering the final stages of development. Set during the Middle Ages in a region that is today known as the Middle East our game offers users a glance into medieval warfare and the life of a Warlord in one of four of the region’s major empires.

With a choice between the Byzantine and Mongolian empires, the (Ottoman) Turks or The Kingdom of Jerusalem players will have the opportunity to forge alliances with fellow players of the same civilization and rage war against the other empires to see who is the strongest once and for all. Boasting several new features compared to the previous title such as age advancement and customizable ‘hero’ characters to lead your armies into battle; players familiar with Exoplanet War will experience a more refined and customizable game in Uprising Empires that goes to great lengths to ensure that every battle has a sense of individuality.

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