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Tarus is a boss from Mischief Makers and the second member of the Beastector unit players face. He resembles an ape wearing yellow armor and relies on physical strength instead of weapons. He does make use of a transforming tank called Sasquatch Beta that appears in one of his boss battles. Tarus tries to come off as sensible and a hard worker but is easily angered by others calling him names or attacks on his allies. 
When Lunar fails to capture Professor Theo, Tarus is given the task by the Emperor. But he's too focused on revenge and goes after Marina instead.

Abilities and Battles

Watch Your Back
Watch Your Back
The first encounter with Tarus takes place in a small cave in the Aster's Lair area. He will mainly jump around to cause boulders to fall from the ceiling. His other attacks involve grabs and a sliding straight punch. While his punches can be caught, the only way to hurt him is to grab boulders and toss them at him.
Sasquatch Beta's Main Cannon
Sasquatch Beta's Main Cannon
He returns as the last boss of Aster's Lair with the Sasquatch Beta. During the tank form he will throw rocks from the turret and fire the main cannon that causes a massive explosion. Throwing enough rocks or redirecting the main cannon will lead to the second phase where Sasquath Beta transforms to a bipedal form. The only attack it uses is a kick, which must be caught and used to slam Tarus to finish the battle.
Tarus is one of the few characters of the game that has a bit of voice acting. A number of his lines can be found below.


"To punish evil forces, I have been charged!"
"Sasquatch Beta!"
"You suck!"
"Urugh... you were definitely my match, Marina."

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