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This gun is chambered with the .45 ACP round (.40 S&W round is also usable but no recommended by the manufacturer) , which has greater stopping power than the traditional 9mm round used in other SMG such as the Heckler & Koch MP5. The gun utilizes a special asymmetrical recoil system and an in-line design to reduce recoil and muzzle climb. With this system it is claimed that is can achieve a double tap in the same hole, were by the second bullet form the gun collides with the first in the target.

Double Tap

The operation of the recoil system is as follows; when the trigger is pulled and the first round leaves the chamber forcing the boil and slide backwards and then down rather all the way back in a traditional blowback systems. This system along with the in line design, the gun barrel is in-line with the shooter's shoulder, allows for greater accuracy. Kriss are currently developing this same technology for their MVS Shotgun and a .50 machine gun. The shotgun boasts a 50% reduction in recoil while the machine gun has a 90% reduction in recoil and 50% reduction in weight when compared to the current M2HB platform.

How it works

The gun is suppled with a standard 13 round Glock magazine but a 17 round extension kit is also available to operators for a full 30 round option. Additionally, standalone 30 round magazines exist as well. Unloaded with no accessories the gun weighs 5.6 pounds thanks to its construction of steel alloys, aluminum and plastics. The gun can be field stripped with the removal of two securing pins and can be completely deconstructed with the removal of two additional pins. This systems allows for easier field maintenance and servicing.

The gun was originally designed and developed in 2006 with the cooperation of the US Army. During the prototyping phase the gun was capable of at 1500 rpm, however this was scaled back to 1000 rpm to increase reliability and make the gun cheaper to manufacture. This rate of fire is still greater than the MP5(700 rpm) and even the MP5K (900 rpm).

TDI Vector Mod in Crysis

In games the Vector usually deals less damage than other SMGs for balancing purposes despite the high power of the .45 round, since the gun has very high rate of fire and low recoil. Due to the relative recency of the gun it has yet to become a staple weapon in shooters but it has become popular amongst modding communities and is available in games such as Fallout 3, Crysis and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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