Director George Miller Collaborating With Reformed Team Bondi

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#51 Posted by PandaBear (1484 posts) -

@vinsanityv22 said:

Okay, it's not cool that George Miller wrestled away Mad Max: Fury Road from Avalanche. I'd rather see a Mad Max game from the developers of Just Cause 2 than the developers of LA Noire and the Wii/PS2 version of the Force Unleashed 1.

Secondly, good for Australia that KMM decided to pick up ex-Bondi team members and ex-Krome staffers. I'm just guessing here, but I believe they're the biggest developer down under now that Krome has been significantly downsized, and Bondi/Blue Tongue/THQ Studio Oz have been closed down.

But thirdly, wasn't the guy in charge of LA Noire notoriously awful at his job? As in, "If Rockstar Producers didn't step in and start reigning things in, the game would never have been finished"-inefficient? This Fury Road game will be awful if that guy - Brendan McNamara - is in any sort of higher up position at this new developer.

Good luck KMM. I'm certain there are many, many talented artists and programmers working there. And I'm glad they have a new studio. AND I'm glad you're doing more than just doing the VFX for shitty movies like Happy Feet. But I certainly hope they have better directors/producers/designers than Mr. McNamara. That dude sucks. I mean, his mis-management is responsible for tanking a whole studio.

To your third point - I reckon he's just good with the business side. Like when you have some dickhead working middle management. They suck at their job but they're oddly suited to it. Personally I think he doesn't deserve to make video games... from the sounds of things, like you said, he fucked up big time and Rockstar saved that game. I hope someone there reigns him in and ALL the people who work on the game get credited. The last thing Australia needs is another dead studio and a bunch of unhappy ex-employees.

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@PrivateIronTFU said:

Who run Barter Town?

Dammit! I thought I told you, no more embargoes.


#53 Posted by buckybit (1517 posts) -
R E A D . M Y . F A C E !
#54 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3858 posts) -

@PandaBear said:

@PrivateIronTFU said:

Who run Barter Town?

Dammit! I thought I told you, no more embargoes.


Lift embargo.

#55 Posted by probablytuna (4166 posts) -

Don't know how I should feel about this.

#56 Posted by Fjordson (2556 posts) -

Brendan McNmara seems like an asshole, but if someone is going to knowingly give him another chance then so be it. I loved L.A. Noire so I'm looking forward to whatever this next project is.

#57 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6420 posts) -

Is it a Happy Feet 2 tie-in video game?

#58 Edited by Sinful (218 posts) -

Did you forget to add the Word "Game" next to Mad Max video (and McNamara’s next project)?

#59 Posted by lockwoodx (2532 posts) -

#60 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

"Whore of the orient" sounds dumb.. Why not call it "Whorient Express" now that you're at it

#61 Posted by AwesomeAquaman (174 posts) -

I want more LA Noire!!!

#62 Posted by theanticitizen (298 posts) -
@Korolev To be fair Japanese people (in Japan) call themselves Oriental all the time. I have alot of Japanese friends. That word does not bother them.
#63 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

So no Happy Feet 2 game from George Miller?

#64 Posted by AriesDog (38 posts) -

Brendan McNamara is an asshole. George Miller, while we loved Mad Max and Road Warrior, is one of those "were once great" directors like George Romero and John Carpenter. He hasn't made anything I'e liked in 15 years. So don't expect much from either the movie or the game.

#65 Posted by TheGorilla (232 posts) -

Can't wait for McNamara's next project. L.A. Noire was one of the most interesting games I've played in years and I can't wait to see what he'll do next. I really don't get people calling him an asshole. We really don't know much of anything about that situation. Some people complained to the press because they didn't like their jobs, that's not a good reason to vilify the man. If people don't want to work with him they shouldn't, but he delivered one of my favorite games this year and that's all I can say about him with any certainty.

#66 Posted by xaveri (167 posts) -

How is this douche still doing games?

Some readers are saying that people can change. That is well and true, just don't give him the helm of another project. Keep him for the experience that he has for sure and let him earn his way back to the top.

#67 Posted by afrofools (1391 posts) -

I wonder how the new employees of that studio feel now that they have realised their immortal enemy has power over them once again.

Had also been wondering if this guy would ever get another job. Good for him.

#68 Posted by hermberger (123 posts) -

George Miller is a genius lunatic. He's already written the scripts of the next three Mad Max movies. I think I'm on board with whatever shit he gets up to in the gaming industry.

#69 Posted by zach66827 (8 posts) -

interesting. look forward to see what's coming

#70 Edited by slyely (159 posts) -

I can just see it now. Drive a vehicle for 5 minutes to point A...terribly directed cutscene with a little bit of action...then drive another 5 minutes to point B...rinse and repeat.

Seriously though, a director that was paid with the rights of the sequels to Mad Max to step down as a director to a movie and a game developer that obviously did not run his ship well...this is not a good combo. My hopes are not high for a Mad Max comeback.

Oh and that name, "Whore of the Orient" that is just trouble a brewin'.

#71 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2207 posts) -

Great. Now I am interested. Throw together La Noir and Mad Max. Yes, please!

#72 Posted by cursormonkey (29 posts) -

Meh, I had way more than enough of LA Noir to last me a lifetime.

Don't want to see another one of those and won't be buying anything like it again.

#73 Posted by sweetloudiamond (6 posts) -

i loved the game, though by the time i finished with it & the collectibles, i was pretty through with it. once you figured it out, it was super easy. but it was still a great concept & they pulled it off well.

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