A place for Ps3 Tf2 players to get together.

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Well considering the online play of tf2 on the ps3 is rather small but strong (around 10 servers on at a time, usually 80% 2fort but with a constant player number at around 30ish all day) we have a community made for the people who play the ps3 version of this game.

The site is At http://www.ps3tf2.co.nr/

^It was made by the users on the Gamefaqs Ps3 Orange box boards.

Anyway Just register on the forums to join it, and you'll meet the members and everyone, we are about 100 members strong(not exact but i rounded) We also have a glitchers list so you guys will know who actually is a stupid glitcher and avoid playing against them. Also A Mic is a must if you play with us.

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