Anywhere to download sounds?

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I've been wanting to make a video featuring the Team Fortress 2 sounds, but I can't seem to find them anywhere for download or on my computer.

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You could try the game files themselves?

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@Hamz: I can't seem to find them, if anyone knew the exact directory it would be helpful. (Of the sounds, I mean.)
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Depends where you installed the game, but for me it is....

Program Files > Valve > Steam > SteamApps > *Folder named after your Steam Account* > TF2 > Sound

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@Hamz: That's only download sounds for custom servers isn't it?

Found this:

You can only download them one by one though =/ Downloaded one to see if it worked that was a demo man one and it did.

At the bottom of the site it says "Download>>>"
use that one don't be fooled by the giant download now button, that's an add.
Not sure where the rest are.

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Yeah I thought it was only for custom sounds, would seem so.
Thanks for finding the taunts! Now to find the rest ay? *Goes a searchin'*

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Found the solution to the problem, thanks for your help Hamz and Ineedaname!

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