Can I gift a premium account?

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So here's the deal. My girlfriend is having issues with the backpack being always full, so I want to buy her premium so she can have more space. As we know, one is premium when he buys an item from the shop. 
My question is, is it possible for her to have premium if I buy an item from the shop and gift it to her? Is it even possible to go premium without buying items?
Thanks in advance.

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@ShockD: I'm pretty sure her account has to directly buy something from the store. If gifted items turned accounts into premium accounts, it would be too easy for all accounts to become premium.

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@BisonHero: So there isn't any way to gift premium?
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@ShockD: Use your money to buy something on her account. Problem solved.

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$5 in to her Steam wallet, then I believe the cheapest things are old weapons. Couldn't tell you how cheap, mind you.

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@ShockD said:

@BisonHero: So there isn't any way to gift premium?

Not that I can think of. Like others are saying, her account will have to make at least some kind of small purchase, either using your credit card or hers (or whatever other payment options Valve accepts).

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Maybe if someone gifted her Orange Box that'd make it premium because it includes TF2 and its a paid thing? PM me your Steam ID and I can give you a copy of it I got from the giveaways last christmas if you haven't already just done that.

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@NyxFe: Ha! Seems like I gave them an idea. Thanks for this, I'll check it out right away.

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