Giant Bomb Match 7/25/08

#1 Posted by masterlink43 (51 posts) -

I'm inviting all fellow Giant Bombers to join in a TF2 match tomorrow at 3:00 PM Eastern TIme. The server ip is: This isn't our server; it's just one that I found is usually empty. Also, join the steam group if you're interested:

#2 Posted by masterlink43 (51 posts) -

Message me if the time is bad for you. If lots of people find it hard to make it, I can definitely reschedule.

#3 Posted by Osmiles (202 posts) -

Cool, sounds like a good time, I'll be there.

#4 Posted by myzticaznfool (70 posts) -

time is fine with me! :)

#5 Posted by Kevan (84 posts) -

I can only do like 30 minutes at this time but that is fine !

#6 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

I'd love to go, but the lag is unplayable on NA servers.

#7 Posted by masterlink43 (51 posts) -
Demilich said:
"I'd love to go, but the lag is unplayable on NA servers.
Damn, sorry about that. It's impossible to find servers that are okay for international players.
#8 Posted by Kevan (84 posts) -

oh wait did not read that right at all! Can't play today in anyway!!

#9 Posted by Unluckyhat (13 posts) -

Sorry I couldn't play long, its raining bad and my connection was suffering.  good game all

#10 Posted by Mooshu (515 posts) -

Damn, I missed it. Are we gonna have another one in the near future, perhaps?

#11 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2216 posts) -

I am working, but if you are still playing an hour later I will be there!

#12 Posted by MjHealy (1971 posts) -

Ah missed it. Hope you have another one again.

#13 Posted by skywing (1295 posts) -

have another one i'll def stop by

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