Giant Bomb Official Duder vs Machine - Now Live!

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Special thanks to roughneck117, Fox, 5bucks, and yoshimitz707 for helping me fund the server.


The server is now live!

Due to the horrendous popularity of MvM at this moment, the server is likely to be pretty busy at all times right now. In the next few days we'll be trying to figure out a better way to get Giant Bomb members into the server more quickly. For now, your best bet is to join the Steam group and gather a few people to hop in. I'll be spreading admin rights around so that we can password the server when need be.

Valve released no documentation whatsoever to server admins when they launched this half-assed mod (it's literally no more than a few custom configs), so this will be a learning process. I got the basics set up tonight, but it's going to be experimental for now.

Input is always welcome.

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I'm coming.

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@1nfinitum said:

Already had a server up here, :

Also paying a fraction of the cost.. It's more than stable afaik, you should look into a VPS for this game instead.

Nah, VPS presents all manner of problems I'm not interested in dealing with. For stuff like Mumble it's fine, but I'd rather pay extra to get a proper game server up with an admin panel over doing all the work myself. $80 for the rest of the year isn't enough to fuss about really.

Cool to have another server though. I'll hop in some time.

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What kind of insane difficulty is the server on right now? It's really hard to get past 3 or 4 waves at the moment...

Or is there any way to change that via a vote or something like that?

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@Fox: each map has 3 different preset sets of waves, so you were probably on one of the hard or "advanced" ones. I believe you can make a vote to change the map, but most people I've played with prefer the difficult ones (I just got off the server after beating the two hardest missions on their respective maps, everyone wanted to try them).

Thanks again for the server, had fun with the duders I was playing with. In-game I was "Superfluous" if you guys are looking and wondering.

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@WhiteBrightKnight said:

Thanks again for the server, had fun with the duders I was playing with. In-game I was "Superfluous" if you guys are looking and wondering.

Oh, hey, I played some with you!

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