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#1 Posted by masterlink43 (51 posts) -

Hi everybody. I created an unofficial giant bomb tf2 group in steam.
It would be nice to play with other giant bombers in some tf2 so please join if you're interested.

#2 Posted by dartagnan (75 posts) -

Sure, why not? I'm planning on adding a lot to the Team Fortress 2 section of giantbomb (already wrote up a semi-detailed spy description, hoping it gets through), and this group can give us all the means to discuss and tweak it!

#3 Posted by Toseph (391 posts) -

I'll join when I can finally bothered to buy TF2 on steam :)

#4 Posted by TheBeast (1920 posts) -

I joined - the Steam groups are a great idea, hopefully this one takes off!

#5 Posted by Jonathan (680 posts) -

Joined. I still need to get a mic though. We should plan a match once we get enough members.

#6 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

Are any of you from Australia?

#7 Edited by dartagnan (75 posts) -

Yeah, I guess we could play a match or two if you guys wanted, though I think our goal should be keeping the whole Team Fortress 2 aspect of giantbomb up to date and informative (guides, stats, etc.)

EDIT: Who put scout as having armour? on the information page it says the scout has 50 of it :\.

#8 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

I joined.


#9 Posted by Xelloss (248 posts) -

Sounds fun love TF2.

#10 Posted by blizzvalve (141 posts) -

Sure I'll join. I can't wait to play and win

#11 Posted by Geo888 (48 posts) -

Sounds good!

#12 Posted by masterlink43 (51 posts) -

Thanks to the people who joined. If we get more, we can organize some matches. But as dartagnan said, we should probably first get the wiki on Giant Bomb really fleshed out first.

#13 Posted by Mooshu (515 posts) -

I'll join.

#14 Posted by TheIneffableBob (254 posts) -

I joined.
TF2 is awesome.

#15 Posted by myzticaznfool (70 posts) -

I joined also.  Hope to see you guys playing!

#16 Posted by mattscout007 (109 posts) -

I'm in. You should also try to host events when a bunch of us are online, y'know, to improve teamwork and such.

#17 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

Yeah i'll join, i see no harm in it especially when i love TF2 lol

#18 Posted by CodeHero (139 posts) -

I joined haven't been playing a lot lately because I've been working, but I hope to see some of you guys there.

#19 Posted by Leon31 (136 posts) -

Joined, hope to play some games soon.

#20 Posted by BoG (5388 posts) -

Awesome! I'm joining. We should consider a clan. you shouldn't consider ME, I suck, but a Giant Bomb clan would rock.

#21 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Cool, I'll join then

#22 Posted by TracedVelocity (55 posts) -

I've been looking for some organized matches. Hoping we can get some frequent games going.

#23 Posted by Unluckyhat (13 posts) -

I'll join the group. steam name is silveravatar

#24 Posted by stephengotlost (714 posts) -

Great, I'm real good at spy again.

#25 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -

I'll join, my Steam name is Sleepy_Insomniac as well.

#26 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -
armacore said:
"Why TF2-specific?
Because not everyone has every game?
#27 Posted by Osmiles (202 posts) -

Joined as well, steam name is same as GB name.

#28 Posted by masterlink43 (51 posts) -
armacore said:
"Why TF2-specific?
Yeah, as Demilich said, the scope for a giant bomb group for every steam game would be too big.
Where are you guys from? If we set up matches, we need a server that has okay latencies for everybody. I'm from the east coast of America.
#29 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

We need a server so we could all meet up and have a place we can call home when ingame.

#30 Posted by masterlink43 (51 posts) -
Hamz said:
"We need a server so we could all meet up and have a place we can call home when ingame.
I think that's going to be the hardest thing. Probably nobody has a server lying around free to use. So, right now, we could all just frequent the same servers. I spend all of my time on the Stompfest servers: They're usually full though, so we should find one mostly empty and HIJACK IT FOR OURSELVES!
#31 Edited by JayJay (38 posts) -

Oo Oo Me! xD

I'll join. Sounds awesome!
What are people's mains?
Mine are:
1 - Scout
2 - Heavy
And occasionally Sniper
#32 Posted by Thordain (980 posts) -

I'm in as well

#33 Posted by Jecrell (292 posts) -

And we require more booze for our demomen and cigarettes for our spies!

#34 Edited by Foil_Charizard (350 posts) -

Joined =D
It'd be sweet if we could get our own server, we could have all melee matches and what-not, which are always fun.

#35 Posted by blizzvalve (141 posts) -

Alright I joined. My name is microfan

#36 Posted by Lant (17 posts) -

I'll join up, i've just come off playing tf2 for a couple of hours so you couldn't have caught me at a better time.

#37 Posted by Osmiles (202 posts) -

Any chances of all of us getting together for a few matches tonight?

#38 Posted by fuumo (43 posts) -

i'm in

#39 Posted by Kenzo287 (798 posts) -

i'm about to join

#40 Posted by floorswine (182 posts) -

I joined this group the other day and since then far more people have been added. Excellent! See you on Saturday for some TF2 action, maybe beforehand if I can find the time.

Full-time employment sucks. :-( Bah.

#41 Posted by Cole (54 posts) -

I joined up. Steam name TheSteez, I'm up for TF2 whenever anyone else is.

#42 Posted by JayJay (38 posts) -

I'll be on next week. As at the moment I am on holiday and don't have access to my gaming computer. See you Monday!

#43 Posted by masterlink43 (51 posts) -

Hey everybody, I found two servers that seem empty all the time. I posted the ip's as an announcement on the group. We should just pick one to hijack and see if it goes well.

#44 Posted by myzticaznfool (70 posts) -

sounds good, lets set a time for it

#45 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

I assume you're all playing on North American servers. Shame, I'm pretty damn good at TF2 I do say so myself.

#46 Posted by x3ar (240 posts) -

someone needs to make a new thread with a tf2 group for the euro bombcasters p.s. im to lazy right now.

#47 Posted by DavidLeeRoth (153 posts) -

Joined. Masterlink, I'm in the Stompfest servers pretty frequently. I'll say hey next time I see you!

#48 Posted by Logan (58 posts) -

Joined it, Steam name is Angry Logan, but I change it frequently however it will always include Logan somewhere in it.

#49 Posted by Mardarkin (89 posts) -

I'm all joined up.  I do like a casual game every so often, so it'd be cool to see some GBers online.

#50 Posted by Godzilla_Bankrolls (40 posts) -

steam id: nodforlife
name: THE HYPNOTOAD (with an icon of him)

I'm on the west coast, but I think a server anywhere in the US with a decent connection should be playable. I've played on east coast servers before and it was fine. You just can't play the precision classes like Spy or Sniper as well, since the lag conflicts with stabbing or headshots.

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