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I no a fair number of people in the TF2 forums are angry about this so i was just wondering if maybe GiantBomb people are too. Are u guys upset that they haven't added kill icons to new items? I no it bugs me a little but it will be more of a problem as more new community weapons are added

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Honesty I never really noticed that either way.  They have a unique kill icon for the compression blast though... maybe they just got started and then didn't get around to making all of them?

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It would be nice, I imagine they will be coming eventually, but it doesn't bother me much.

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It depends on whether or not the icons were made when they were submitted. If the people who made the new community weapons made icons for them as well, then I really think Valve should've put them in. If, on the other hand, there was no icon submitted, then I would rather Valve work on the engie update first.

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You mean the thing that pops up in the top right whenever a kill happens?
No, why the hell would that bother me enough to complain? Valve will eventually fix it, and it's not a game-breaking glitch.

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It would be good to have them in there but I'm not super bummed-out about it.

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Team Fortress 2 modding community to the rescue! 

These are all new kill icon's made by some guy's I'll never bother to find out the name of.  They replace all old icons and add brand new ones for the weapons that aren't represented.  They seem to work on all servers and look great. the download link is just below, unrar the file that downloads and just pop in in your teamfortress/tf directory.
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@monster9999: Ignore my last post.   They've just released a brand new update.  Take note of the top patch note.  I'm pretty sure that they're the icons I posted just above ^^^
Added community submitted deathnotice icons for the community submitted weapons.
Changed the deathnotice text color to use black instead of white when the local player is involved.
Fixed domination/revenge messages not using team colors for the player names.
Fixed an issue where sequences with an activity weight of 0 never get selected.

Updated Koth_Nucleus:
Changed side spawn exits to prevent sniping from inside the spawn door.
Fixed graphical glitch on platform floor.
Fixed blue-colored models in RED area.

Updated Tc_Hydro:
Added respawn time advantages when a team begins to cap any point. Resets when the cap progress resets.
Fixed various nobuild and playerclip issues reported by the community.
Removed logic that reduced spawn times based on round time
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Well im glad they fixed this, once again valve listening to their fans, good stuff

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