Kritzkrieg? whos with me?

#1 Posted by Deadbolt543 (20 posts) -

So i play medic full time.  And honestly, Im a fan of the Kritz.  And if you find someone who knows how to play well while being Kritz ubered, you can be nasty.  But i get yelled at full time for using it haha.

So whos with me in sayin that the Kritz isn't nearly as bad as everyone says it is?

#2 Posted by _blank (56 posts) -

it depends on the situation. Hell in the end though nothing will beat a good old normal + kritz combo. Having a heavy or pyro invincible with 100% critical is so nice when you need to turn the tides in dustbowl. you should get another medic and try it out sometime

#3 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

It sucks. Please don't use it.

#4 Posted by JayJay (38 posts) -

I think its fun when using it in a match that you are not taking seriously. But otherwise the Uber is much better, for taking down sentries etc.

Like blank said, nothing beats the 2 combined. The invincible pair can take the bullets, when the Kritz pair reek havoc.
#5 Posted by Foil_Charizard (350 posts) -

I hate it, the only time I find it useful is when it's being used on a Heavy in conjunction with an Ubercharge.

#6 Posted by stephengotlost (714 posts) -

It's not bad for wiping out a bunch of blue players at the kart because they don't notice it and most of them get killed before they find out that a nearby soldier is kritzed.

#7 Posted by Kohline (6 posts) -

To use the Kritz to its max potential you have to be in a position where you have firing access to a lot of enemy players and structures in a relatively confined area. The obvious problem with this, though, is that getting into this position makes you especially vulnerable because unlike an uber, where you can just run in and massacre whatever doesn't run out of your way in time with no fear of getting killed, you could be only killed within a second or two of the Kritz charge thereby wasting it.

Generally speaking, I'd say a good Kritz charge is most useful for ambushes on enemy bases where you're flanking them and aren't at immediate risk of being killed like in a frontal assault. The best example that comes to mind is using the sewer tunnel in Dustbowl to come up behind an enemy position and just rape them from behind.

#8 Posted by skywing (1292 posts) -

boooooo i used it a few time when i first unlocked the ability but most of the time i play goldrush and its kinda useless on that map imo

#9 Posted by simulation (221 posts) -

it's terrible, I can understand why someone might like it, but compared to an uber its nothing

#10 Posted by xruntime (1980 posts) -

It's good on 32 player public servers. On servers with more skilled people, and competitive matches, it's generally not good at all. Stick to the normal uber always - it'll help with the objective more, nobody cares about bloating your stats with crit kills.

#11 Posted by Tovan (654 posts) -

It definitely needs some reworking, but it has it's uses in certain situations, especially for the heavy and pyro.

#12 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -
Demilich said:
"It sucks. Please don't use it.
It really does suck.. please don't lol
#13 Posted by LordWhite (50 posts) -

Like some other players have said, It has it's uses, but more than likely you will find the regular Uber more suitable in most situations.

#14 Posted by License_To_Bill (811 posts) -

Having purchased the 360 version, I have no idea why I'm here.

#15 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

Kritz is never a better option than Uber in my opinion
It can be useful for letting Demos or Pyros go on monster kill sprees or occasionally downing a sentry with a soldier
But Uber offers superior versatility

#16 Posted by Abunai (151 posts) -

If you use kritzkreig in a competitive tournament or ladder you will get raped

#17 Posted by Vafthrutnir (142 posts) -

I've used it a few times, I like invulnerability more than crits.

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