Mann Vs Machine boot camp or mann up anyone wanna play :(

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I haven't got a chance to play Mann Vs Machine and I'm having trouble joining with any random games through this matchmaking system. I don't feel like buying any tickets for mann up till I've played around a little bit but hey, are there any duders out there that want to play some mann vs machine with me I don't have enough steam friends! I promise I'm pretty cool if not I'm at least nice :D 
EDIT: My steam name is pinoybuddy iff'n you wanna get with me :)

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You play as Heavy? Because I'm tired of games where everyone else is a goddamn Engineer, I wanna play a medic damnit!

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I play as Heavy quite a bit. Brass Beast is amazing for MvM.

Really, you shouldn't have more than 1 engy on a team, unless EVERYONE is an engy. And then it's just not fun. I'll send you a friend request on Steam.

edit: nevermind, you don't show up when I search for you. Got a link to your profile page?

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