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well youll see i totally whored the medic achievements, but back when i got them you had to get them all and it was pretty much impossible to do (for me anyways). I got all the pyro crap easy on my own though. same we cant just restart our stats. :\

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Actually, you can just reset your stats. It's a console command, but I forgot what it was.

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Medic whores :(

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All my stats are legit. Only time I have ever even been to an achievement server was when me and a bunch of friends went to one and built sentries to annoy the farmers.

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It's pretty shitty right now, since my graphics card exploded I can't play anything on my current rig.  But I'm getting my new one Thursday.

I farmed for Medic Achievements, but that was before Valve wisely lowered the requirement to unlock the weapons.
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Correction- you CANNOT reset your stats over the long term. You can reset them, but it will revert to its former state after about a day.

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I managed to get all the medic achievements in one day. Valve accidentally wiped my achievements thinking I had glitched them. They realised their mistake and sent me an email detailing how they where sorry and unlocked all the achievements for me. :D

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