Team Fortress 3 ideas

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What are your ideas for TF3? Personally I think they should add a new class to spice things up. Also, do you even think they should make a TF3? Reply below <333

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what if we just used all the guns to shoot all the otehr guns, eventually leaving just one gun which we destroy via trebuchet/sword

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I honestly can't think of anything which is weird. I guess new game modes, TF is in a really good spot already.

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I love just saying TF3.

and yes, more hats. Girl scout?

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Keep changing the art style. I'm thinking like a classic noir look.

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More customization. New modes. Vehicles maybe? But guess what? All of these things can be integrated in TF2.

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Implying Valve will finally learn how to count to three ...

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@Subjugation said:

Implying Valve will finally learn how to count to three ...

What about the third part of the Portal 2 soundtrack, or the three concepts integrated in the game (the fourth was axed)?

I think the game's perfect as-is. I don't want to think of a sequel for a long time still.

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New classes is literally the only thing that comes to my mind that can't simply be put into Team Fortress 2...

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