What Class Have You Put the Most Time Into?

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I'm a Heavy-guy myself. I've put a lot of time into pyro also, and thirdly medic or engineer I think, but Heavy takes the cake. I'm kind of a supporter type player, and I like supporting my team by laying down a steady stream of bullets into the other guys.

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Spy. I've played over 25 hours on 360.

#4 Posted by MexicanHatBoy (129 posts) -

Medic! I only started playing last week but already like a third of my time is as a Medic. I'm pretty bad at PC games, so going as a class which doesn't rely so much on fine mouse control is definitely a plus.  

#5 Posted by Feanor (1391 posts) -

Demo, best class in the game imo. And it takes a good amount of skill to master.

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engineer is where its at

#7 Posted by Codeacious (960 posts) -

When I first got TF2, I played a LOT of Spy. I have 300+ hours in him. But lately, I've been leaning a lot more towards Scout, even though I have only about 50 hours with him.

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@Redbullet685 said:
" Spy. I've played over 25 hours on 360. "
People still actually play  360 TF2.. lol? 
Anyways, medic all the way =]
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I have put the most time in to the spy, second is engineer, third is Scout, fourth Medic and some time into the sniper I think.
 Every other class has less than one hour of play as they are pretty boring in my opinion and I only use them when the situation requires it, otherwise NOPE. 
The spy class though :) it is slowly making Team Fortress 2 my favorite game of all time.  

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Engineer. But to be fair it's better to ask what classes I play the least.
I don't play much of Spy or Sniper. It's just not my thing.

#11 Posted by Redbullet685 (6090 posts) -
@rhk said:
" @Redbullet685 said:
" Spy. I've played over 25 hours on 360. "
 People still actually play  360 TF2.. lol?  Anyways, medic all the way =] "
You can easily get into a game everyday in 2Fort at least. Thats all that I play but I do know people play the other maps too.
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@Redbullet685: That seems very unfortunate. 2fort is ok, but there so many better game types and maps out there.
#14 Posted by TehFedro (431 posts) -

Scout, around 50 hours, because he was the only one I was good at awhile back, i'm better at each class now except Spy. 

#15 Posted by Rockanomics (1150 posts) -

I'm always surprised by my hours, I feel like I'm primarily a Spy, but apparently it's second to soldier.

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Back when I first started playing I used to be sniper all the time. Now, I just rotate depending what my team is doing.

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Soldier is my favorite, although I play a decent amount of pyro, demo, and heavy as well. I'm pretty shitty at TF2, but I find the soldier very easy to get into, not to mention I prefer the rocket launcher to any of the bullet-firing guns.

#18 Posted by Bigrhyno (505 posts) -

Chose soldier, but then looked at my stats and saw that I have 6 more minutes on the scout.

#19 Posted by NikoAlexander57 (359 posts) -

29 hours on soldier

#20 Posted by Mmmslash (2171 posts) -

I have like, 250 Spy hours.

#21 Posted by Redbullet685 (6090 posts) -
@Feanor: I pick to play 2Fort. My friend plays everyday on every map. I like the other maps and modes, but Im in love with 2Fort.
#22 Posted by Cabal57 (16 posts) -

I have around 20 hours as a spy.

#23 Posted by Mitch0712 (499 posts) -

i got 51 hours atm for engineer and second being spy with 25

#24 Posted by ErrorOperator (458 posts) -

I also reccently reset my stats, I play competitive TF2 as medic every night!
#25 Posted by 6ZZA (104 posts) -

around 500 hours as sniper. 300 as solly. 

#26 Posted by Ryax (4630 posts) -
@warxsnake: sniper ftw
#27 Posted by AardvarkBarber (63 posts) -

Most recently, I've been playing lots and lots of scout, but that might just be very shortlived. Soldier is my most played overall, though. 

#28 Posted by PushThePig (64 posts) -

Sniper, then Spy.

#29 Posted by Natedogg2 (457 posts) -

I've spent most of my time playing as a Medic. I've kind of shifted away from medic mostly (unless my team really needs a medic) and I play a lot of Heavy, Engineer, and Demoman now.

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Engineer, followed by medic, and then the rest are sorta close to even. I love my engineering, building good defensive/offensive spots, especially with the new weapons.

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Engineer, then Soldier, and then Demoman.

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Hoovie Weapons Guy, without a doubt the best class in the game even with the sandvich nerf D:

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Scout by far. No idea how much time total, because I've had to reset my stats multiple times when they've gotten bugged.

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Heavy - 22 hours.

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I'm not that great at the game, but I do enjoy playing some Scout. I only really play Medic to help out the team. I also like using the Huntsman a lot, but there always seems to be an overabundance of snipers.
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Sniper, followed by Engineer, then Medic. 
But I play all the classes a lot.  Except Spy.

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Never actually tallied my X-Box 360 and PC but Soldier on PC. I am pretty sure it is Sniper on 360. But I vary my time between all classes.

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I've put somewhere close to 200 hours into the Engineer on the 360 version over the past couple of years. Haven't played that version in a while, though. And now that my Xbox is broken (and, for that matter, so is that version of TF2) I finally started playing the PC version last month. (Though, this was mostly held up by the fact that I hadn't owned a PC that could run TF2 until recently.) I'm new to the world of PC FPSes, so I have trouble with the controls; thus, the Engineer hasn't been my class of choice, since one needs to be slightly more nimble on the keys with him. I believe I'm somewhere around 16 minutes with him on PC.
So, if we're going overall, then it's the Engie, followed closely by the Spy. If we're basing it on the current version that I'm playing, it's the Medic, followed by the Pyro.

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