What settings are you playing this game on

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Just wondering what kind of settings you guys are playing on and what fps its at for you

all max (textures blah blah blah)
vertical sync on
color correction on
reflect world
motion blur on
hdr off (its a mega performance killer, and without it the game still looks great. I perfer motion blur over this)
Trilinear filtering
1280x800 (bah thats probably wrong, its probably something higher)

As for the fps im at a usually a solid 60, expect when there are 100000 sentries and everyone shooting and thing blowing up, then it drops to 35-40

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Everything maxed out usually 120 fps or higher.

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I had everything maxed out always,on 1280/1024 res,and I have such a shitty 3 year old computer with terrible shit,and it runs playable fine. probably between 35-70 fps

But my computer keeps constantly degrading and having problems,and now steam won't open no matter what,no reinstall, no anything..so no more TF2 for me ever again at this rate until I get a new PC :(. I have yet to even see a new class update.

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have you tried reformating your computer? as for me mine is just at 60 because of the vsync.. It automatically caps it to my screend refresh rate which is 60. I tried without and i hit above 90. i perfer 60 fps without tearing, than 90 with tearing

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Highest 1280 x 1024

#6 Posted by DavidLeeRoth (153 posts) -

High Model, Texture, Water, Shadows stuff.
Vsync Off
Motion Blur on
Trilinear filtering
60-80fps in Action
90-120fps Elsewhere

#7 Posted by Shotaro (814 posts) -

max everything usually runs above 60fps, if i get some slowdown I'll maybe tone it down a little but never beyond medium

#8 Posted by Page1 (97 posts) -

1280x1024, 4X AA, 4X AF, everything else maxed, about 40 fps average.

#9 Posted by skywing (1295 posts) -

i have everything on low and am running the game on the lowest resolution, my laptop is not ment for this game but i make it work because i need it to live

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1440x900 (Native 19" wide). Absolute max.

The Source engine is optimized as fuck.

FPS as shown.


#11 Posted by Osmiles (202 posts) -

I have everything on low :(

#12 Posted by Vafthrutnir (142 posts) -

Maxed out @ 1280x1024 w/ 7950gt

#13 Posted by DanCarmichael (234 posts) -

running everything max at 1440x900.

I don't have the optional bloom effects turned on though. Does anyone else? Is it noticeable / good?

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