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A comedic look through an FPS

Team Fortress 2 is a game that when you look at it, you wouldn't think it was worth your time. But in reality, it is an amazingly fun game to play. The game is comedic in a sense, and subtle jokes are thrown in with the gameplay, whether it be what a character says, or just the weapons a character uses.

Team Fortress 2 uses 9 classes in it's gameplay, as a class you have your set weapons, and only those weapons. Weapons will drop when an enemy is killed but can only be used for ammo. Each class is structured to be completely different and offer something to the team, Team Fortress 2 is a team game , and good players will want to utilize this. The characters are all based off strong stereotypes, the Heavy is a large character, and isn't the smartest of the group, the Sniper is Australian with a very heavy accent, and the Engineer is a Texan who spends all his time with his machines. The result of 9 walking stereotypes fighting can have some pretty hilarious effects.

Game Modes
Team Fortress 2 has three current game modes. Capture the flag, control point, and payload.

Capture the flag is the classic FPS game, both teams start at opposite sides of the map, and try to capture each others flags in their base. The point of capture in Team Fortress 2 however, is the intelligence briefcase.

Control Point has many variants in Team Fortress 2, but the main concept is one team must control all points on the map before the time runs out.

Payload is a newly introduced game mode which was released with the Medic update and is on the map Goldrush. The object of the mode is for one team to push a cart of explosives to the other side of the map while the other team must slow it down.

The PC Team Fortress 2 regularly receives updates from Valve. The plan is to update each of the classes with weapons and achievements, so far the Medic and Pyro have currently been updates. The updates however, are not limited to classes, most updates have been bug fixes and balance fixes. Valve has become very dedicated to the community of Team Fortress 2  and the game's updates, and it really helps the game remain fresh well after it's release.

Team Fortress 2 currently has 11 officially released maps, unfortunately some maps are somewhat ignored by the community. With the PC version players are able to set up servers dedicated to certain maps, and with this power, the unpopular maps are left in the dust.

All in all Team Fortress 2 is an amazingly fun and humorous game which anyone with a PC capable of playing it should buy. Unfortunately the console versions are not as well treated by Valve as the PC, and have not received balance or new maps and weapons. If your computer can handle the PC version, it is easily the best, if it can't the console versions still play well if you don't mind missing out on updates. Team Fortress 2 receives 5 stars.


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