ferginator4k's Team Fortress 2 (Retail Standalone) (PC) review

Possibly the single best modern PC game-

Team Fortress 2 is the sequel the Mod for the Quake of a similiar name, sans the 2.
The game is a first person shooter that is purely online and sets the Cutthrought Red Team against the despicable Blue team.
The game features dozens of maps and a variety of gametypes(But doesnt feature any Deathmatch modes?). 
The maps are built with pre-assigned gametypes, this makes the maps more balanced and better designed for each gametype. The two most popular gametypes are Capture the Flag and Control point. Capture the flag involves capturing the enemy intelligence, whilst Capture point involves capturing and defending a series of points across the map to achieve victory.
Two other less popular, but no less excellent gametypes are Payload and King of the Hill.  Payload involves teams either taking turns or racing to escort a payload cart to its destination, usually one team will defend while the other attacks, then at the conclusion of the round the teams switch roles. In King of the hill, teams scarmble to hold control of a single point for a combined total of three minutes.
Accross the games many maps and modes players can play as one of Nine classes.

  1. The Scout- The scout is the lightly armored reconnaissance class of TF2, he is able to outrun all other classes and also has the ability to double jump. He is able to use shotguns, pistols, Baseball bats and several odd types of soft drink to defeat his foes.
  2. The Soldier- The soldier is the average killing machine, he is armed with rocket launchers as well as some deadly melee weapons including a shovel and a pick-axe.
  3. The Pyro - The Pyro is the enigmatic flamethrower wielding class of TF2 and is easy to learn and a great starting point for new players. His primary weapon is the flamethrower but also uses shotguns, flare-guns and fire-axes to get the job done.
  4. The Demoman- This black Scottish cyclops is the last of his kind and specializes in blowing things up. He does this with a powerful grenade launch as well as some mine launchers. He is also armed with several devastating melee weapons such as a claymore.
  5. The Heavy- The Heavy is the Russian madman who trudges around the battlefield, mini-gun in one hand, sandwich in the other dealing death to the enemy team.
  6. The Engineer- The engineer is the most defensive focused of the classes and is able to build sentry turrets, health and ammo dispensers as well as teleporters to support his teammates and their interests.
  7. The Medic- The medics primary role is to heal his teammates with his Medi-gun, but he can also be deadly to his foes with syringe guns and bone-saws.
  8. The Sniper- This Aussie specializes in picking off foes from a distance, not only does he possess a powerful sniper rifle, he also is able to use bows, Kukris and a mysterious jar of liquid known as Jarate!
  9. The Spy- The Spys role is to sow discord amongst the enemy by disguising himself and infiltrating them, he can sabotage their defenses and backstab them for an instantkill.

The games fantastic music as well as its unique and unmistakable visual style help support its fantastically entertaining and addictive gameplay. These elements combined with the constant post release support from Valve in the form of content updates make TF2 possibly the greatest Multiplayer shooter on the market.
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