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The Game That Keeps on Giving

When it comes to Game developers, Valve, they know their audience; they always want more and for free. At least the PC version of their games follow this model. With Team Fortress two, the amount of content that is packed into the, arguably, most balanced first person shooter multi-player game is staggering. With multiple weapon choices, hats, a crafting menu, and user created maps popping up almost daily, there's no wonder why hundreds of thousands of players log on everyday. The content doesn't seem to have an end, even with their three year anniversary around the corner.
Team Fortress cannot be matched when it comes to the action, the humour, and the additional content. With companies charging fifteen dollars for a couple maps and getting away with it while Valve offers free maps, game modes and weapons numerous times a year, it's hard to believe that other developers don't follow the trend. 
Team Fortress 2 is the best experience for experienced and new-comers alike. The continued content will keep me and many other players coming back for more. 


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