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One great game

With first person shooters are currently overflowing the pot Team fortress 2 is a nice change incenery and has a wide verity of maps. Now the original team fortress or team fortress classic was made back in 1999 and was a mod for the ever loved Half-Life and later team fortress 2 coming out eight years later in 2007.

            Now the first thing you will notice about this game is that the visual style is drastically different from any other game to date, it looks like a picsar movie from head to toe and it all looks superbed even one year after release it's still looks brilliant not because of how many polygons there is but because of the visual style, which is great because people with a low end computer will still be able the enjoy it. Also when you kill someone with an explosive there limbs go flying and leave behind a big bloody mess, and about 2 seconds after you are killed it will zoom in on the player who killed you and if you are lucky enough to what one was your body then it labels all your parts like your legs hands, head and even your lungs.

            The second thing you will notice is how balanced the classes are like the, Heavy the slow waking mini gun wielding bulky buff guy with lots of health, Demo Man the guy with remote bombs and grenade launcher, Medic the surprisingly fun to play with guy with a healing gun, Engineer the dude who sets up turrets and teleporters of trance port, Pyro the flamthrougher guy with a gas mask, Scout the fast double jumping but low health guy, Sniper the sharp shooting Australian, Solider the typical Drill Sergeant with a rocket launcher and the spy the harder to use but more satisfying cloak able guy.

            Now even though a game with such good balance must have maps, and Team Fortress 2 executes that perfectly! With a wide variety of maps such as, cft (capture the flag),  Arena, cp (capture point) and pl (pay load) were there is one team has a cart they must push to the other side by walking up to it, but they only have a limited amount of time so the other team must defend until the clock runs down.

            Not only is it a great game alone Valve also hooks us up with regular updates for fixing bug ect, but they also give us class updated with give you about 30 new achievements to unlock that are exclusive to that class and once you reach a mile stone you unlock a new weapon that replaces one of the other weapons, for instance I’m playing pyro unlock achievement get the milestone and unlock the flare gun that replaces the shotgun with the flare gun and lets you ignite enemies from great distances. There has been three updates so far the, Heavy, Pyro and Medic.

            So in the end, great art design, balanced maps and great support and you through all that together in a 16 vs. 16 matches and it just works. On top of that there is a strong community and it is very cheap, you can get the Orange Box for $30, which includes Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 episode 1, Half-life 2 episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2 which are all top banana triple A games, or you can get the stand alone version for $20. So considering how much playtime this game will get out of your money, it's defiantly a bang for your buck and you should defiantly check it out if you are in to first person shooters.

Score: 5/5


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