benevolentbob216's Team Fortress 2 (Retail Standalone) (PC) review

All it's cracked up to be!

This is one of those rare treats that comes out every so often. It's quite an amazing game and I'm really glad that it has caught as much attention as it has, because it deserves it.

The graphics are great. There's some really well done shadow effects and the art style as a whole is just astounding. The visual style the developers decided to go with really makes the game stand out from the pack. Best of all the game can run on at least minimum settings on most of today's computers. On the downside the game does have it's glitches and freezes up on my computer from time to time. On top of this Steam is a pretty lackluster program, and can suffer from connection problems even when your internet is connecting fine with everything else.

The sound is pretty well done. All the weapons sound awesome and the characters have little quotes they shout out from time to time, my favorite character, the heavy, also spews out my favorite quotes. The music is surprisingly well done for a game that doesn't need it at all, but you only really hear it when going through the menus.

This is one of the best multi-player shooters ever. It definitely competes with the likes of Counter-Strike, Battlefield, Halo, Resistance, and Call of Duty. It's a bit more focused on fun and chaos than realism. That being said, like it's name hints at, you still must focus on teamwork to be victorious. There's some really cool game modes and enough maps to keep you happy for a while, not to mention user created material. There are a bunch of different, really unique classes to go with, I personally usually go with either the heavy, the pyro, or the sniper. I just personally find those to be the most fun, but you may find you prefer other classes.

This game is truly an awesome online multi-player experience. I really hope even more people give this game the chance it deserves, it will really blow you away.


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