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The Essential Video Game.

Team Fortress 2's seamless combination of outstanding visual presentation, design and gameplay rank it so far beyond other gaming experiences, the act of not owning this title calls into question your own enthusiasm for the medium itself. The meticulous crafting by Valve is evedent in any portion of the game you inspect, to the point where you expect at any moment a small misguided detail to tarnish the experience -- a moment that never arrives.

The nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2 are all equally balanced, each filling a role vital to success. In addition, having their own distinct look, voice and style all helps aiding players in destinguishing between what could be an easy prey or an oncoming threat. The four gameplay modes are varied and entertaining, each providing a unique challenge while still remaining true to the team-based nature of the game.

If you want to treat yourself on the absolute cream of the crop, the best of the best, The Essential Video Game, you need to join the community of Team Fortress 2 online, via Steam, Xbox Live or the Playstation Network.


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