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Team Snagem is a major criminal organization in the Orre region. Before the events of Pokemon Colosseum they were a small group mostly into petty robbery. At some point in time, however, another criminal group known as Cipher gave Snagem machines to turn Pokemon into Shadow Pokemon, heartless fighters on a rampage. Once Snagem began transforming Pokemon into these they quickly rose to power and started handing out these Shadow Pokemon to trainers they deemed as worthy.  

 Gonzap, the leader of Team Snagem.
During the events of Colosseum Wes and Rui worked together to put an end to Snagem nullifying any power they had in Orre. During Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Snagem attempts to reclaim their former power and even helps the protagonists against Cipher claiming with Cipher around they can not be the most powerful criminal organization in Orre.

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