Just got a strange call...

#1 Posted by wemibelec90 (2110 posts) -

My local Gamestop just called me, saying that the release date for Tearaway had been "removed" and I could go in and pick up my copy. Did they change the date without me knowing, or is something strange going on here?

#2 Posted by EuanDewar (5148 posts) -

the release date will no longer be an issue, he has been... Removed

#3 Posted by HatKing (6453 posts) -

Could be a system level glitch at GameStop. Having worked there before, I know that's certainly not out of the question. Regardless, employees probably won't dispute it if the computer says it's okay. I'd go grab it before it's fixed (if that's even the case).

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Maybe this is their weird way of avoiding the Xbox launch? I don't know, the entire situation of Tearaway's release is pretty strange.

#5 Posted by RonGalaxy (3633 posts) -

the release date will no longer be an issue, he has been... Removed

He has been... Corrected

#6 Edited by EarlessShrimp (1794 posts) -

@spoonman671: oh god you're right. Looks like I'll wait until Saturday to grab it.

#7 Posted by EuanDewar (5148 posts) -

I was in Tesco's today and they had the game out on the shelves so i guess some places just broke street date for the fuck of it?

#8 Edited by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

Several retailers, B&M and online, have been selling it here since Wednesday. Maybe Sony just gave the go-ahead.

#9 Posted by Mars (383 posts) -

I was really looking forward to buying this game until I found out it was being released when I was going to be BROKE! Whatever idiot picked this date should be fired.

#10 Posted by ttocs (856 posts) -

Amazon sent me mine on Thursday

#11 Posted by JSwan13 (336 posts) -
Release date for Tearaway, you have been found guilty of existing, sentence is execution.

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