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The game was originally released on the PC in April 2005. Since the release, the game has spawned into many different media, including a manga, an anime and an internet radio show. A PS3 version, titled Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi, was released in July 2008 with additional content, a complete overhaul to the graphics and the adult material removed.


Both versions have static character art on backgrounds, with the occasional specifically drawn image, during the story portions of the game. During the battles, however, the two versions widely depart. The PC version uses 2D isometric sprites during the battles and certain parts of the story. Whereas the PS3 version scraps that in favour of 3D environments and 3D character models. The PS3 version also includes completely redone character art for the story section, and in most cases completely changing the character designs.


An opening scene in the PC version of Tears To Tiara
An opening scene in the PS3 version of Tears To Tiara

Both versions include visual novel style interaction between characters. The actual gameplay, however, is completely different.

PC Version

The PC version contains 2D isometric real time strategy gameplay. Here, the player is able to place up to 8 units on the field for battle. Once the battle starts, the player decides where each character moves to, who they attack or who they heal. If they character is idle, they will regain their MP slowly. The player can select each unit separately to give specific orders, or they can right click and give general orders to every unit, such as attack, heal up or use their own judgement. Some battles have different objectives. The majority of the battles are won by defeating every enemy on the map; however, some battles are won by defeating a specific target. These win conditions are usually reserves for boss battles. The battle is only lost when every character in the party has been defeated. At this time the player is given the option to restart the battle, or load a save file. If the player chooses to retry the battle, a loss counter increments, which is shown on save data.

Each character also gains experience when battling. This experience is used to level the character up, until the level cap of 99. Every time a character attacks, kills and enemy, or heals someone in the party, they gain experience. Once they level up, the character’s stats increase and the character becomes more powerful. Equipping certain items on the character can cause them to raise a certain stat more on level up. If the player loses a battle and retries, the character retain all of the experience and levels they gained in the lost fight.

PS3 Version

The PS3 version completely overhauls the battle system. Instead, the gameplay is more turn based strategy, akin to the Fire Emblem series. On the player’s turn, they can move characters across a grid, and attack an enemy if they are in range. Once the player finishes moving his characters, the enemy side moves and attacks. This process is repeated until the fight is over.

Detailed Plot Synopsis


The story starts with twelve white angels, tasked with making the ‘perfect world’. Lucifer was born as the 13 angel in heaven, much to the dismay of the angels. The angels desired perfection and they believed that the number 12, was perfection. Due to this Lucifer was raised believing he was cursed, and that he could never become a white angel. Lucifer’s father Myrddin, however, does not believe that Lucifer is an abomination, and raises him as an angel. Lucifer and Myrddin are ordered to head down to Earth to exterminate the humans, as the angels saw them as imperfect. Myrddin is talking to his friend Ogam as Lucifer informs him that it is time to go down to earth. Upon arriving on Earth, they see humanity dying in the back of Mt. Corus. Myrddin tells Lucifer to remember the truth about what’s happening to the human race, to remember all the pain and suffering. Myrddin spots a girl in amongst all of the corpses, and tells Lucifer to cure her sickness, so that she might have a chance of survival. Myrddin then speaks the words of creation, and gives the small girl a fire to combat the cold. Lucifer objects to this, as Myrddin is directly defying the word of the 12 angels. Myrddin reveals that the angels had planned to keep the earth in a permanent ice age, in order to destroy the humans once and for all. Myrddin then sings the song of creation, an act that will destroy him, but also stop the ice age that has fallen on Earth for 30000 years.

After Myrddin sacrificed himself for humanity, Lucifer was locked up by the remaining angels. They decide, however, to invite Lucifer to be one of the white angels. The angels say they will keep Myrddin’s revolution intact, after they make one slight adjustment. Lucifer agrees, and becomes a white angel. Lucifer heads back down to Earth, so see the change that Myrddin has caused. There, the ice age has ended, and spring has officially sprung. Before heading back to heaven, he decides to decorate the cave of Mt. Corus with flowers, as a tribute to Myrddin’s sacrifice. However, the cave and its surrounding areas had not changed. There was still a blizzard blaring outside, and the girl was still huddled up next to the fire. Lucifer takes the girl out of the cave and into the meadow of flowers, hoping to make her smile. However, the girl has been brainwashed by the angels, and can only say that she is a servant, a slave, to the high and mighty angels. This causes Lucifer to become furious, believing that Myrddin’s sacrifice was for naught.

Lucifer returns to heaven to say goodbye to the 12 angels, and for that, he is called a traitor and casted down to Earth. There, he swears to destroy all of the prisons the angel’s created to control the human race. He gives the little girl a present, a band of flowers for her hair. Slowly, she begins to break from the angel’s control and regain her own speech. Lucifer calls the girl Primula, after the flowers. Lucifer loses his angel appearance and turns into a dark form.

Pwyll, the prince of the elves, talks about the previous ages of the kingdom. The gold age, in which dragons roamed the earth. The silver age was the giants control over the land. Finally the bronze age, his age, in which elves were the rulers of the planet. The mentions that the elves have lost the ability to breed, and thus their age is slowly and gruellingly coming to an end. Pwyll suggests the elves should prey to the 12 angels to help them in this time of need. Annoyed at his false hope, he goes to the forest for a diversion. Here he meets Primula, and he tries to communicate with her, but remembers that human’s can only speak in prayers for the angels, due to their brainwash. Lucifer appears to take Primula away from Pwyll. Pwyll apologizes as he believes Lucifer is a dragon nobleman. Pwyll tells Lucifer about the laws the angels have had them follow, laws that Lucifer laughs at. Lucifer introduces himself as Arawn of Annuvin, a land of freedom from such ridiculous laws. Pwyll, still believing he must fulfil his duties to the angels, decides to take Primula by force. Arawn responds by giving Pwyll the sword, Dawnwin. Pwyll takes the sword and calls Primula over to him, which Arawn allows. Primula hears a buzzing sound and starts laughing, breaking her fake brain control act. She apologizes to Arawn, but still decides to chase the buzzing sound happily. This startles Pwyll, as human’s are only meant to be able to talk in prayer. Arawn reveals himself to be an angel, and asks Pwyll to help him in creating Annuvin, a land in which everyone can be free. Arawn reveals his true name, Lucifer, to Pwyll, as they agree to fight the angels together. Pwyll returns the gift with his true name, Regius.

After a long bloody war, Pwyll searches for Arawn in amongst the corpses. Once they find him, Ogam tells Pwyll that Arawn got hit by the divine tank’s blast directly, and with that much electrum piercing through his body, Arawn cannot be healed using healing magic. Arawn wakes up, and Pwyll tells him that the battle was a great victory, and that they have defeated the forces of heaven. However, during the battles, the land had been contaminated with gravitas. This means that even though the elves have won, they will have to retreat and live underground or inside dense forest, as the gravitas is poison to them. Arawn, with the help of Pwyll, gets up and sets the Dawnwin sword in broken stone pillar, before falling unconscious. Arawn is then buried in Arawn Ridge, next to Myrddin’s grave. Meanwhile, Pwyll is crowned the Elf King, and unites the country as the Albion Kingdom. When Pwyll dies, however, a civil war breaks out in the country over the rightful successor to his throne. Out of this civil war, ‘The Holy Empire’ is born and conquers the majority of the kingdom.


The story starts in the Age of Iron. One night, a priest of the Holy Empire ambushes the Gael village on Erin Island. When he arrives he finds that the entire village is absent, expect for Riannon, the daughter of the previous Gael tribe chief. The priest Drwc captures Riannon as she is a direct descendant of the Elf King Pwyll, in order to summon the Demon King Arawn. Riannon reveals her real name to the priest once he threatens to torture children from the village. Due to Riannon revealing her real name, the priest is able to completely control her. Once the rest of the village returns and hears this news, they burn down the village and move out to rescue Riannon, under the orders of First Warrior Arthur, Riannon’s brother. Meanwhile, Drwc finishes the resurrection spell, and Arawn is awoken. Arawn encounters Ogam who tells him he has been asleep for a thousand years. They approach Drwc and Riannon, just as Arthur breaks into the room to rescue Riannon. Arawn, after hearing Riannon under mind control talking only in prayer, breaks Riannon from the mind control and kills Drwc. Arthur still feels the Demon King is a threat, and thus moves to attack him. Riannon, after hearing the threats between Arthur and Arawn, gives Arawn her red scarf. This, in the Gael tribe tradition, means that Riannon has chosen Arawn as her husband, and thus makes Arawn the new Gael tribe chief.

The team break out of the building and back to the new Gael tribe village. Here, Ogam tells Arthur of an old city on the mainland called Avalon, where the Gael tribe can settle down as the empire’s influence has not reached that part of the kingdom yet. This city is also where Pwyll lived long ago, and has been sealed to allow no-one to take control of it, a seal that only Arawn can break. Morgan, a warrior of the tribe, reveals the Empire has stolen their ships, so the team go to attack and retrieve their ship. Once they get their ship back, Arawn is confronted by Gaius, a member of the Holy Empire. He wants to confirm whether or not Arawn is in fact the Demon King, to do this he throws a dagger at Arawn. The dagger is blocked, but it is make of electrum, the same material used to kill Arawn a thousand years ago, and thusly damages him. Before he leaves, Arawn tells Gaius that his objective is Regius.

Once the Gael tribe reach Avalon, and Arawn breaks the seal protecting the castle, they come across two House Elves that have been maintaining the castle, called Limwris and Ermin. They reveal the castle’s numbers have dwindled over the years, and that the castle was made by the angels. This fact makes Arthur angry and he leaves the group to go train. Arthur tells Arawn that he saw what he believed was an angel kill his father. Arawn and his group then go out to hunt crabs and boars for the tribe. On these hunting trips they encounter new companions that join them on their journey. An inflatable seal appears on the shore, which turns out to belong to Llyr, a water elf, who used it to reach the surface to meet Arawn. Rathty, a Miner Elf, appears and claims to be able to fix pots in return for not being killed by the Gael Tribe. Arawn gets mad and says Rathty should be making weapons like a proud elf, and therefore takes refuge in the weapons shop. Arawn then stumbles across Octavia tied up in a food crate during one of the Gael Tribe’s attacks on the Empire. Arawn insists Octavia stay with him as he knows she will be killed if she goes back to the Holy Empire.

The Gael Tribe decide to attack the Holy Empire directly, at their capital ‘Londinum’. They call the Gael Tribe ‘Brigantes’, the name of a tribe that existed in the kingdom long ago. Once the attack fails, the Gael Tribe decides to train to get stronger in order to take down the Holy Empire. Their next attack is against the many towns connected to the Empire, with the intent of making the main city weaker, without their support. Gaius then ambushes the Gael Tribe as they are hunting for food, forcing them to retreat back to Avalon castle. Due to this, the Gael Tribe decide venture further into the forest to speak with the Brigantes Tribe. The Brigantes appear, led by Taliesin, who informs them that they cannot meet the chief, because he died long ago. A prophecy states that the next chief of the Brigantes would bring forth a great calamity, therefore, no-one has taken the position. Taliesin challenges Arthur to a duel to the death, and Arawn adds that if Taliesin wins, he can have complete control over the Gael Tribe. However, Arthur purposely gets his arm dislocated which, in his mind, will make the fight fairer. Taliesin takes this as a mockery and the duel is called off.

The Gael Tribe head to Arawn Ridge, due to the Gael Tribe running out of war funds. When they are there, they find the tomb of Myrddin, and Ogam reveals Arawn wanted to be buried right next to him when he died. A painting of the 12 angels hangs behind Myrddin’s coffin, showing not 12 angels, but 13 instead. The 13 angel, however, has his face scarred out of the painting. Upon looking at it, Arthur comments about how similar Arawn looks like the angel in the image, and the angel that killed his father. While this is happening, Gaius is called on by the Senate. The Senate believe Arawn is only a King by name, as he has been spending his time fishing and chasing pigs. Due to this, Gaius cannot get receive anymore reinforcements, and one more slip could cost him to be exiled by the Empire as a traitor. Angry, he gathers as many people as he can with his money and plans one final all out attack.

On a hunting trip to the forest, their paths are blocked, and their fallen comrades rise from the water to attack. Ogam reveals these revived warriors cannot be killed by attacks or normal magic, and that only holy magic can put them to rest. Ogam tells of another way to destroy them, but Arawn cuts him off, saying that Ogam can’t take that form. Arawn engulfs himself in a white light, and reverts back to his angel form, which causes the fallen warriors to disappear. Arthur is none too happy, however, as he remembers that exact light. He remembers the scene when his father died, and remembers that is was in fact Arawn that killed his father. Arthur goes to attach Arawn, but Riannon steps in between them to stop Arthur’s attack. Arthur realises his mistake once he accidently strikes Riannon and Arawn at the same time, causing Riannon to fall unconscious and Arawn to revert back to his normal form. Meanwhile, Gaius has organized his army, and pulled up on the shore near Avalon castle.

Arthur, deserting the Tribe after breaking his oaths, finds himself on top of a tall mountain, where he conveniently runs into Ogam looking into the distance. Ogam tells Arthur a story about the dragons, back when there used to be two moons in the sky. Arthur believes that the story is frivolous, yet Ogam continues talking about how the daytime moon fell from the sky, and wiped out an entire continent, all while Ogam watched completely powerless to stop it. Ogam tells Arthur to look back to where he came from, showing that Avalon is currently under heavy siege. Fearing the worst, Arthur quickly turns and heads back down the mountain. Ogam tells Arthur there is no way he’d be able to make it back to the castle in time, and instead he should head for Gorsedd Arawn, or “Arawn’s Throne”, if he wants to learn the truth about Arawn and what happened to his father. Suddenly enemies start attack Ogam and Arthur. Ogam stays back to hold off the enemies to let Arthur go to Gorsedd Arawn. Ogam transforms into his true form, a dragon, to hold off a powerful golem. Arthur quickly realised Ogam’s story was true, and quickly leaves.

Octavia and Morgan are stationed away from Avalon castle due to the dire circumstances of the tribe. However, after three days they get tired of just sitting around and waiting, and head to Avalon to try and reunite with Riannon and the rest of the tribe inside the castle. Once they successfully make it onto the castle walls, they meet up with Riannon and members of the Gael tribe protecting the castle. Gaius returns and realises that the castle walls are indestructible, and the only way in would be to ram down the gate itself. The group returns to Arawn in his room, where he is dreaming about Myrddin. The group stay by Arawn’s side, telling him to wake up. Arawn hears these calls in the form of Myrddin, Primula and Pwyll in his dreams.

On his trek to Gorsedd Arawn, Arthur runs into Taliesin and the ‘Brigantes’. Taliesin releases he has made a deal with Gaius to not interfere with the current battle. Arthur talks to Taliesin about admitting his wrong doings, and about how he shouldn’t be tied down to oaths, and how instead Arthur fights to protect his friends. Arthur’s words reach Taliesin and make him realise his own foolishness, after being scared of a prophecy for so long. Taliesin shouts out to the Brigantes Tribe, as the son of the former chief, to lend their help to the Gael Tribe in the current battle. On their way to Avalon they meet up with Ogam, who has mustered an army of his own. With this new found army they head back to Avalon to stop the onslaught by Gaius.

Once Arthur, Taliesin and Ogam reach the gates of Avalon, they are confronted by Gaius. Gaius mocks their attempts, saying there’s no way Arthur’s words of encouragement will ever reach Arawn. However, as soon as the mocking is over, a bright white engulfs the battering ram, quickly destroying it. Arawn emerges from the castle rather nonchalantly, with the rest of the party in tow. Gaius, once composed, sees this as his ultimate opportunity, and tries to attack Arawn. Arthur, however, quickly gets in between then and blocks Gaius’ attack. Arawn reiterates that his objective is Regius. Gaius suddenly realised the meaning, as Regius can mean both ‘royalty’, his previous assumption, but also ‘little king’. Gaius realises Arawn’s plan all along was to mould Arthur into the new king of the Albion Kingdom. Gaius is finally defeated in battle, and asks for his army to be spared. Arthur agrees to this, and Gaius orders his troops to retreat. Later on, Ogam and Arawn are deciding a suitable punishment for Arthur, as he attacked the tribe chief and deserted the battlefield, jokingly saying the death penalty is too good for him. The entire group decide that the only suitable punishment would be crowning him the Crown Prince of the ancient Kingdom of Albion. Rather annoyed, Arthur asks why must he be crowned the ‘little king’, to which Arawn rebuttals that because he is indeed the ‘great king’.

Now that Arthur has been crowned, Ogam turns his attention to stopping the Empire once and for all, and plans another all out attack on Londinum. The Londinum Mayor appears in hopes that he can stop the Gael Tribe destroying his city. He tells Arawn about a tournament that is being held in Londinum, and that he will tell the Gael Tribe when the tournament begins. Arawn takes this as an opportunity to go back to Erin Island. Arawn takes the group back to his own burial ground. Ogam searches the place to find that the cauldron of rebirth used to raise Arawn has disappeared. Arawn points out that there was nobody left to carry it out of there, thinking that there is someone behind the scenes controlling the entire war. After revisiting the old Gael village locations, they decide to return back to Avalon castle.

The Gael Tribe return to Londinum for the opening of the tournament, and find out that the winner of this tournament will be crowned the new mayor of Londinum, The Gael Tribe are up first, fighting against three other groups who just so happen, to all attack the Gael Tribe as a single unit. In the second round, the Gael Tribe is split up into smaller teams, and told to wait in the basement until their team is called. Arawn, Ogam, Arthur, Llyr and Rathty are in one team. Then the team they are fighting just so happen to be Riannon, Octavia, Taliesin and Morgan. Arawn gets both teams to stop fighting and thus the entire Gael Tribe proceed to the next round. The final round is the Gael Tribe against the Holy Empire. However, the opponents turn out to be powerful ogres and golems, who have been enlisted into the Holy Empire ‘rather recently’. The Gael Tribe emerge victorious, much to the chagrin of the mayor. The mayor invites the Gael Tribe back into the coliseum for the award ceremony. However, it quickly becomes apparent that this is a trap, as obelisks strike up from the ground, and the mayor is revealed to be a high priest of the Holy Empire. Once the mayor has been defeated, Arawn addressed the crowd, saying that that was the final round of the competition, and now Londinum is under his control. As his first act, he frees Londinum from the Empire, and turns it into a free trade city.

Ogam hears rumours of dragons still alive in the caves of Mt. Corus. Due to this, the tribe decide to go investigate the claims. They come across the dragon in question; however, the dragon happens to be undead. Once this dragon is slain they happen upon a dragon egg. Ogam states that witnessing a dragon egg hatching is incredibly unlikely. The tribe then witness the dragon egg hatching. The baby dragon thinks Taliesin is its mother, as he happens to be the first thing that the dragon saw. The rest of the party leaves as the baby dragon then shows Taliesin about a hidden door at the back of the nest. Taliesin realises the back of this cave is a giant grave, and even further down, a prison. Taliesin then hears a recording of Lucifer, who tells Taliesin the truth about the angels. After hearing of Lucifer’s tale, he proceeds outside of the cave. He recalls hearing that this place was permanently snowed over, thus making it weird that the majority of the landscape was black. Upon closer inspection, however, he discovers the blackness is in fact an army, an army that is ready to attack the Gael Tribe. Taliesin comments about how, after all, he was unable to escape fate, and returns to Avalon to tell them about what he saw.

Arawn identifies the enemy base as the fortress city Palladium. Ogam, after confirming the army, says there is absolutely no way to attack the fortress directly. However, Arawn suggests just that, and have the main party splinter off into Mt. Corus. Aram reminds Ogam about the magic circles that appear on the peak of Mt. Corus, the same magic circles that caused the ice age long ago. The magic circles keep the mountain intact, and if someone was to break the magic circles, the mountain would collapse, causing an avalanche. Once the avalanche destroys the main army, the Gael Tribe will then quickly attack the main base, before they could produce more soldiers. Ogam calls for the giants to help them break the magic circle, due to its durability. Unfortunately, a blizzard starts up, preventing the mountain from collapsing. Taliesin decides to destroy the mountain himself by playing the song of creation, which he learned while hearing Lucifer’s recording. Arawn objects but Taliesin has made up his mind. He talks to Arawn about his recording in the cave, under the name Lucifer, and asks if humans have lived up to Arawn’s expectations. Taliesin disappears into the pure white as the mountain begins to crumble.

Arawn orders the troops to attack Palladium, as him and Ogam split away to go retrieve an ancient weapon that will help them in battle. Arthur decides to accompany Ogam and Arawn to Gorsedd Arawn to retrieve the weapon. However, Arawn changes the plan. Instead, he orders the rest of the troops to accompany Arthur to Gorsedd Arawn, while he and Ogam will attack Palladium. On arrival at Gorsedd Arawn, Arthur discovers a sword trapped into a stone. The elves talk about how this sword, called Dawnwin, used to belong to the elf king Pwyll, and how he used it in the Great War with Arawn. When Arthur approaches the sword, he sees flashbacks of Pwyll and Arawn, the Great War, and how they first met. Once Arthur pulls out the Dawnwin sword, they leave for Palladium, to meet up with Arawn and Ogam.

When they reach Palladium, the walls of the castle have already crumbled; they meet Ogam and Arawn inside the castle defeating the last of the enemies outside. After taken control of the exterior, Arawn calls the order to retreat. While the Tribe retreats, the main party do not waver, saying they will stick with Arawn until the very end. Arthur uses Dawnwin to break open the door and allow access into the castle. The party fight their way up the castle to come face to face with the Emperor of the Holy Empire. At the top of the tower they encounter a lush garden, with the Emperor sitting in the middle. The Emperor, upon further inspection, is just a corpse. A corpse that has been dead for so long, moss in growing on his body. The true mastermind is revealed to be one of the 12 angels called Lector, who had tricked the Emperor by promising him eternal life if he did his bidding, such as building the giant tower, and resurrecting Arawn. Lector also reveals himself to be the one behind the death of Arthur’s father. Arthur uses the Dawnwin sword to reveal the true nature of the tower, which is in fact a giant pile of corpses. Once the group defeat Lector, he summons the divine tank Merkadis to destroy the Gael Tribe once and for all.

Upon defeating the divine tank, the Gael Tribe try to leave the tower, however, even Dawnwin cannot break through the walls, and the tower is on the brink of destruction. With everyone fearing the worst, the party start to hear a faint sound from outside, and with that the wall starts to break down. Suddenly, Taliesin appears with dragons in tow to save the day. The party ride the dragons away from the tower and to safety.

Playable Characters


The demon king and the main protagonist of Tears To Tiara. Summoned to bring destruction, but instead becomes the chief of the Gael Tribe. He has been resting for a thousand years since the Great War, due to this; he doesn’t understand customs of the land, which leads him into accidentally marrying several people.


The First Warrior of the Gael Tribe and brother of Riannon, and a direct descendant of the Elf King Pwyll. He swears by his oaths to protect his tribe and avenge his father, whom he believes was killed by an angel. He is moulded into the next king of Albion by Arawn.


Arawn’s first wife and sister of Arthur. After Arawn rescues Riannon from the Empire’s mind control, Arthur tries to attack Arawn. Riannon responds by proposing to Arawn, making him the next chief of the Gael Tribe. This, combined with Arthur’s need to uphold his oaths, means Arthur cannot attack Arawn.


An old and powerful dragon alive since the Age of Gold, and a friend of Arawn’s father. Due to his age and knowledge of magic, he is the only one able to heal Arawn from Electrum damage. He also tips Arthur off about using the Avalon castle as a base for the Gael Tribe.


Arawn’s second wife and warrior of the Gael Tribe. Morgan challenges Arawn to a duel, in which she quickly loses. Due to this, she submits her life into his hands. Morgan also accidently falls asleep on watch, causing the Empire to steal one of the Gael Tribe’s boats. Arawn decides she will be more useful alive and by his side, as opposed to dying over such trivial matters.


A water elf, sent to the kingdom of Avalon as a gift from the water elves, to the newly resurrected Arawn. On one of their many hunting trips, Arawn spots an inflatable seal pelt on the shore. He decides to use this in the fire for fuel to cook crab. On returning to Avalon, Llyr reveals that according to customs, a female water elf’s seal pelt is only given to the man they intend to marry.


A miner elf. On another hunting trip, the party find Rathty hiding in a tree from the humans. Bargaining for her life, she says if they let her live, she’d help repair pots and household equipment for the tribe. Arawn, fooled by her androgynous nature, says a proud miner elf man should be making weapons and not fixing pots. Therefore, in the castle Rathty manages the weapon shop, but helps mend household objects on the side for the House Elves and Riannon.


A previous warrior of the Holy Empire. During an attack on one of the Empire’s smaller towns, Arawn stumbles across Octavia tied up in a food crate. Due to a misunderstanding with Arthur, the crate gets sent back to Avalon castle. That night Octavia breaks free and tries to assassinate Arawn, believing that he is nothing more than a bandit king. Arawn says she is free to go, and Octavia tells her plans of returning to the mainland. Arawn, fearing that the Empire will just kill her outright when she returns, takes her hand and tells her to stay by his side. This act, Octavia mistook for Arawn proposing to her, and accepted the offer.


A member of the Brigantes Tribe, which splintered from the Gael Tribe long ago, thus making him another descendant of the Elf King Pwyll. The party are ambushed by Taliesin on the way to meeting the Brigantes tribe. Taliesin reveals that the Brigantes chief has long since passed, and a prophecy stating the next chief will only bring destruction, has stopped anyone from trying to achieve the title.

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