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Still Super 0

In 1991, Tecmo released Tecmo Super Bowl, a landmark sports game that paired accurate, licensed NFL rosters, full 11 on 11 play, and season play with easy, simplified controls, small customizable playbooks, and great competitive multiplayer. Tecmo Bowl Throwback is not that game. Tecmo Bowl Throwback is built on the Super Nintendo released of Tecmo Super Bowl, released in 1993. Bo Jackson has retired from football, Joe Montana has been traded to Kansas City and renamed QB Chiefs, and NFL is expe...

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When you put the 1993 rosters in this game becomes more of an awsome experience.  I caught on when playing against Dallas #8 passing to Running Back #22....hmmm Aikman to Smith....AWSOME the other teams falling into place!  this game is great if you are one that grew up this game and want to plug in the correct names.  I am currently in the process of catching this game up and enjoying the classic gameplay.  I can recommend this easily and hope to see everyone on this.  It was well thought out a...

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Tecmo Bowl 0

                     For starts,Tecmo Bowl is a good time,It's one of the first 11 on 11 football games out there in 1987.At first it was released on the arcade machine,it had some sucess.It wasnt untill 1988 when it was released on the NES that it took wings and flew.Now days,the version we play on the XBL marketplace is not that game,it is more of a cross between super tecmo bowl and Tecmo bowl.It does not have real teams,and the players names are not accurate of course.It features single play...

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