Tecmo Bowl Wii Put Hold, But It's Coming To XBLA

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Tecmo Bowl Wii has been put on hold in favour of a new game, "Family Fun Football"....

Tecmo announced a Wii version of the classic Tecmo Bowl back in early 2007, since then, zip sh*t has been heard about the new Wii game. Now with "Family Fun Football" on the way, it's lead many fans including me to wonder what the hell is happening.

According to G4, due to the "larger target Audience on Wii" the company made a business decision to switch to a more family orientated football approach, with Tecmo Bowl heading to Xbox Live Arcade instead.


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If it was so bad they realised they can't possibly sell it for $50 @ retail and therefor it's gone over to a digital distribution platform (though, why not WiiWare?) then that's fine by me...

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I doubt it's bad given the fact it's based on the original, which was a blast despite it's obvious limitations. Maybe it's the file size restrictions, if not , it should come to Wii Ware.

To hell with this lame attitude, it's a wind up given the game was born on a Nintendo platform, where it was much loved by me and many other NES owners in the late 80s. I will play it on XBLA.

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