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Recently bought Tekken 6 , but I hate the xbox 360 dpad !! :x Im looking to play more "Professionally" , and am in the market for an arcade stick . I have no idea which ones are good or not ... any advice would be of help .

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I have a madcatz tournament edition. Which i have no complaints with. I have no clue what kind of stick you would want for Tekken though, so...

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Just an alternative to buying the official stick as part of a £120 pack , no real preference , just wanting advice from people who use them often , even SFIV players .

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Hori EX2 is a cheap alternative, or a Madcatz SF4 SE, if your not opting for these.  If you live in London, GameFocus on Goodge Street usually have second-hand ones.  
I would opt for the Madcatz, as you can easily customize it down the line, but you'll have to pay a touch more.

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Most people who play Tekken just use pad. Don't use the D-Pad use the analog stick.

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@Linkyshinks: By strange coincedence , I'm going to london soon , thanks for that advice ! I'll definately look into The Hori EX2s ... thanks a lot Linkyshinks =]
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Speaking personally, I have the MadCatz SFIV SE stick. It feels alright, though I've heard some negative things about the durability. I have heard, however, that it's easy to mod, so if it does break on me then I might look into that. The one stick I've heard almost unconditional praise for is the TE SF IV stick, which has better componant parts, apparently. However, it is quite expensive, going for over £100 in the UK.
The Tekken 6 stick is wireless (uses batteries) and quite light, whereas I like to have a sturdy, heavy base to play on. I also like the idea of being able to hook the joystick to my PC, which works great for MAME and SFIV on the PC. I haven't used the Hori EX2, so I can't give comment on it. The pictures make it a little small and lightweight, though.

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The mad catz sticks are great. The TE stick is the way to go. I just picked up one of those recently (after getting rid of my 1st one for some stupid reason). Check ebay. I picked up a brand new one for $85 and a SE stick for $35.

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In the UK you'll be lucky to find an SE stick for below the equivilant of $80. The TE sticks go for around $150-plus.
We. Are. Getting. Ripped. Off. (As always.)

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Damn that sucks. And that's for used?
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For some reason, used sticks are more scarce than brand new ones.

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I bought tekken 6 with the arcade stick bundle, I really like it. I feel it works good enough for my use, I'm not great in any fighting game, so it does the job for me. I don't know what the more driven people think of the stick though

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Quite Old tread. But if anyone is looking to get into stick, a cheap Hori is good enough.
However if you want max performance for serious play,especially Mishima players, you must try the Korean Myoungshin Fanta stick. One of the best sticks for Tekken and is used in serious competition play in Korea.

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@NinjaCupCaiks said:
" Recently bought Tekken 6 , but I hate the xbox 360 dpad !! :x Im looking to play more "Professionally" , and am in the market for an arcade stick . I have no idea which ones are good or not ... any advice would be of help . "
GAME. at selected stores around the UK, are selling the Hori EX2 for 32 pounds - great deal.
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I use a Madcatz SE, and modding it with Sanwa parts made the cost go to as much as I would have spent on a TE stick. :/  I just like the SE for being smaller. It made a world of difference, especially since I also modded my joystick with a tougher spring.

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