*deep breath* breaking down Azazel

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Having a character that can auto defend while attacking is BREAKING the game, simple as. 
Anyway what I've found is that a VERY strong offence is whats needed, you cant hold back whatsoever because he is ONLY vulnerable when attacking during certain animations. 
The ones he will auto-block during are his crouch eye-laser, his summoning of flies and his triple forward roll. I believe you can crouch 2 avoid th laser but the other two he will home in on you with, so I havent figured a way outta that yet! 
In conclusion, try to forget what he looks like and how daunting and EXTREMELY ANNOYING he is, and jus keep hammerin @ him, roll 2wards him and lay the fuck in!

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he is not that hard I've beat him 20 times and got a perfect with paul.
azazel is huge you can juggle him like a mo fo.
one time I used lee's jumping knee attack, poped azazel up, then did the knee move over and over and over again and I won.
to be a cheap boss you must be cheap

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not everyone knows how to juggle. Jeff and Ryan didnt even do a bound once :P

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I must admit, I've never wanted to smash to TV to bits out of anger so much until I faced Azazel in Arcade mode last night. Quite simply it's a f*cking joke. He auto blocks most attacks and spams with his crappy moves. I tried every character and every filthy trick in the book but this guy absolutely pwned me every time. I mean seriously I must have lost like 35 matches straight. I gave up in anger, but I'm going to try and beat this cheap ass again tonight.

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@dollnez: Its so annoying isnt it? It really puts you off, I mean getting all endings is gonna b a bit of a nightmare, beating Azazel with someone like Julia will b really hard.  
I like the idea of stat tracking throughout the game, with different characters, but Azazel is ruining my lovely Win/Lose numbers!! And I wouldnt mind if he wasnt SUCH A CHEAP FUCK!! 
Ahh videogames, how I love and hate thee!
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You can quick jab Azazel out of most of his moves. In fact, you can stand right next to Azazel and jab at him when he winds up and block intermittently if you're no good at combos and you should be able to beat him. Close to Azazel is the safest place to be, since most of his attacks have a long build up, and some will even whiff if you're close enough. Azazel is a lesson in punishing, really.

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Azazel isnt as hard as u think. Yeap hes  cheap...your most powerful tool is quick jabs and punches and kicks that pop up azazel...from there just do ur juggling...ok heres a very quick guide of PAUL..
be close to Azazel:

DownForward Triangle, 
Square, Square, Square, Square,
Forward (Square + Triangle) ........u may nid to take just a quick step forward
 Down + Square, Circle, Triangle
Keep practising...actually its quite easy.....!!! ALL THE BEST kicking his assss !!!!!!!!!

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He's easier than Jinpachi.  For Azazel, just continue to block (don't duck unless he does his 1 low attack move) then attack him when you've blocked him.  That's how I always beat him anyway.

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Uuuugh I hate him. I've managed to beat him in story mode on the PSP with most characters, but usually die about 20 times first. Most recently I've been trying to beat him with Julia and just ragequit. She is sooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooow, only her little bouncy charge move can really hurt him, but getting two wins in a row isn't possible. If you beat him once he just decides that you won't again, blocks everything and kills you with unblockables (like his unavoidable horizontal sweep). I hate him so much. I wish that I could just switch Jack-6 or Devil Jin in and rape him like he deserves.

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