How to make money quickly?

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So my save file for Tekken 6 has been corrupted.  I really just want to get my customization options back but I'm not planning on going through the whole scenario campaign again.  Are there any areas in the scenario or ways to earn lots of cash quickly?

#2 Posted by SailorRaine (28 posts) - far as I"m aware, no.  You'll just have to play it again (but don't beat it or anything, just get up to the point where you have enough to pimp out 1 character then just play ghost mode or online often)

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well i just found out a u need to finish campaign mode :(    and get to nightmare train....equip ur items in Customize mode to get more health and shock items..also add an item for alisa where you get 200% more money....then defeat the stage !! you will get about 415000 + fight money !!

#4 Posted by jvsexy (169 posts) -

i also found that when u equip items for both players for - value of fight money increases by 400% - the money rakes in considerably..
equip these items and go to Kigan the end fight Yoshimitsu and you will get atleast $1.3m ....yeap thats $1300,000.....the max. ive got is $1.8m !!!!

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