Is Tekken 6 better on PS3?

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Because the PS3 version has outsold the Xbox 360 version by Miles.    
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I'd bet control quality (ie the 360's dpad), and that everyone was used to playing Tekken on Playstation controllers was the factor involved.  I wish I had gotten T6 on PS3 instead of 360 for that reason...

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I wanna know because when I get my PS3 I want to know which is the better choice.
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The PS3 has better D-Pad Controls, but I still had a lot of fun with my 360 copy.

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I'm going to use my stick when I get it for Xbox 360.  I heard the loading times were bad on PS3.

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@JJOR64 said:
" I'm going to use my stick when I get it for Xbox 360.  I heard the loading times were bad on PS3. "
gotta do HDD installation (about 2 GB)
brings loading times to about 360 version installed on HDD  (360 is two seconds faster or something like that)
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Its most likely more to do with Tekken being on the Playstation forever, so people are used to playing it on that system, with that controller. I know I am.

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You are taking these observation from someone who has both Consoles.  Here are the pros and cons.
I owned a 360 from Jan 2009 to Dec 2009.   
- Cheaper 
- Almost everyone has a working headset/mic.
- Voice chat is clear.  
- Paying for Xbox Live :(
- Cannot "Roam Freely in Scenario Campaign mode, have to side step all the time.  Up, Up, Left, Left, Down, Down, Right,Right just to MOVE. 
- Buggy Errors like "Failed to Join Session."
- NOT MANY TEKKEN 6 players!  Nothing sucks like losing to the same damn person 5 times in a row in ranked match.  There is not much variety in players, like 10 new every hour.  You create a session in lobbies and nobody joins in hours.   This was during when the game first came out.
- Eddy/Christie like 50% of the time
- Ranked is too easy
- my stupid buddy icon doesn't show
- controller sucks. had to use street fighter iv fightpad

A PS3 from Dec 2009 to present.
- native to Tekken 6, LOTS OF PLAYERS. like 40 new every hour.
-  Do not face the same person all the time, more variety of characters.
- Ling, Yoshimitsu, heihachi are some rare ones. 
- My ps3 Icon shows
 - Scenario campaign has no bugs, can Roam freely.  
- No issues with connection. Stable. Free.
- Good controller., still prefer fightpad because of the L1, L2 triggers.
- Prepare for a whooping in Ranked lol
- Not many people with headsets.

The biggest issue was playing against the best players and having more people to fight against.  For such a popular game, it was rather stagnant on the 360.

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