Issues with Tekken 6

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I am having issues with Tekken 6.
1.  My Gamer-pic is not uploading (next to my Gamertag) on xbox LIve. I have no idea how to select a gamer picture next to my name when I play people online (you know that picture of yours under your healthbar).
2. How to unlock character's endings? I've noticed that if you play the game random hours, you unlock the endings.  However, I play arcade and there isn't even a prologue for the characters.  There is also no story mode, like you play the game with the character, and then see their ending.  Is there a straight forward way to see the character's endings? :(
3. Does anyone know when campaign will ever be co-op? It's too boring to play Solo and Alisa isn't a good partner if she just stands there and not back you up or plot strategies with.

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jeff said in his quicklook.. or on the bombcast, I can't remember... that there is no straightforward way to play the game and see the characters endings. 
That almost makes me not want to play the game and I was looking forward to it.

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Character endings are unlocked by playing the arena in Scenario Campaign mode with each character.

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Maybe they will patch it, lols.

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Does anyone know HOW to play AGAINST a downloaded GHOST FIle from someone? I can't even play against them in training mode. How do you work the GHOST feature?
No announcement whatsoever. Oh wellz.
Borderlands already had their first DLC.  I like the net update to Tekken 6, its nice.
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I fixed all these issues after getting a Playstation 3, just for Tekken 6 community.

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My biggest issue with Tekken 6 is that it isn't 3.

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