Tekken 6 for $20, Today Only!

#1 Posted by JJOR64 (19549 posts) -
#2 Edited by MrGetBonus (792 posts) -

Damn! Thanks yo. Just replaced my 360 so this'll give me somethin else to play on it besides SF4 all the time. Now let's see what else I can get for free shipping....

#3 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Awesome. I'll spread the news to friends.

#4 Posted by Stang (4755 posts) -

Got it for $5 using a credit and a free month prime membership. Thanks Jordan.

#5 Posted by rjayb89 (7806 posts) -

Sounds like a delicious deal that I will pass up.

#6 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -

Wha???  That's hecka cheap... I haven't played a Tekken since 3, should I buy this? 

#7 Posted by OwnlyUzinWonHan (1545 posts) -

In a related note, is there anything on Amazon that sells for a dollar?
#8 Posted by MrGetBonus (792 posts) -
@OwnlyUzinWonHan said:
" In a related note, is there anything on Amazon that sells for a dollar? "

If you just wanna get somethin random.
#9 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

Now I feel like a total asshole for paying $60 for it.  :/

#10 Posted by Stang (4755 posts) -
@Luke said:
" Wha???  That's hecka cheap... I haven't played a Tekken since 3, should I buy this?  "
I am on the same boat. Tekken 3 was the last in the series I played, but for $5 I don't really care how horrible it is. I am going to trade it in when SSFIV comes out regardless.
#11 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -
@Stang:  Man, that's a gewd idea!  I wonder if we could even get more than $20 for it too by the time SSFIV comes-out?  Hmmm, I may just buy this for the 360, yes....
#12 Posted by Hot_Karl (3321 posts) -

And 1 hour, 42 minutes later, the deal is gonzo. 
Too bad; I got really excited looking at this topic. Had I not been too busy playing The Ballad of Gay Tony instead of searching online, I could've snatched this up :(

#13 Posted by Siris (428 posts) -

Useless reply #16: No thanks.

#14 Posted by JJOR64 (19549 posts) -

Darn, it looks like it's sold out now.

#15 Posted by TooWalrus (13332 posts) -

Ugh, I got that game for free and I feel like I've paid too much for it. I don't know why I can't get into tekken anymore. I got it as my 3rd game for bestbuys buy 2 get 1 free sale. I should have got a new copy of RE5, I think.

#16 Posted by mordecaix7 (726 posts) -

Dang it I missed it too :(  But this is also the reason it's becoming rare that I buy a game on Day 1.  Some of these games drop in price SO FAST.

#17 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -

Lol, wtf?  I was gunna sleep on it and buy it when I got to work this morning.  
I guess fuck it, now.  
Maybe I'll just use that $20 towards buying both the 360 and PS3 versions of SSFIV now instead... so I can play with the GB crew and also my real life PS3 friends, and most importantly show my support to Capcom. 

#18 Posted by Stang (4755 posts) -
@Luke: Play with the GB crew? Meaning staff? If so, how did you get that honor? I want to srk the shit out of Jeff!
#19 Edited by Luke (1812 posts) -
@Stang:  Nah... I was talking about you guys, silly :p  
Even though I did play SFIV with Brad @ Street Fighter Club back in January and have played Marvel vs. Capcom 2 with Jeff at the 1 year GB Anniversary.  And if Jared counts as GB crew (i.e. "friend of the site" and one of the Mods here), I *think* I may have fought against him before at Street Fighter Club as well.  
Anyway, I've just been mad jealous of everyone here playing against each other on 360, but I only have the PC and PS3 ports of SFIV ( Adam Boyes @ Capcom hooked me up with a free PC version).  So, I'm gunna make sure I do Super right! :p) 

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