where is the actual story mode

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im probably just retarded  but like i just beat the arcade mode with paul and no ending movie , i didnt even get a prologue explaining why he is in the tournament. 
where is the story mode for this game . where i can just go through 8 fighters and get my ending cinematic  
dont tell me i have to play that scenario campaign mode now :(

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You have to play the awful scenario mode. By playing that you unlock characters for the arena which is a kind of mode within the scenario mode. Arena consists of a prologue, series of arcade style fights and an ending movie. You need to play scenario mode to unlock characters for the arena though and you can only access the arena through the scenario mode.

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I'm sorry.  The hilarity of "fighting game" and "story mode"...it's too much.

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first day launch of tekken 6 i got it..... beat arcade mode with hard ass boss! took me 3 hours to beat the over sized boss! 3 ffffreaking hour!!!!! seriously. no joke.  difficulty on default and rounds is 3.
after 3 hours of trying to beat the boss and finally success.... expected for reward for my long hard effort with some nice ending CG cinematics....... but no0o0o0!!!!! no shhiet!  just show cast and nothing!
found out ending unlock itself every like 5,6 online ranking matches.
also people said unlock in scenario.... im not a fan of that mode. onc ei got tekken 6 i go straight to online then agfter a while tried arcade mode. however i did tried the scenario mode.... and on the map it says arena.... but i never enter.... once i got to the map.... i just quit. i will check it out some time.

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