I suck, any tips?

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I just got Tekken 6 and have been trying to play it. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I can. The movement is weird and the fighting requires a timing I am just not getting. I am trying to go through arcade mode and I just getting whipped quite harshly by almost all the fighters and going online is a terrifying concept. Does anyone have any tips or know any videos that could help me out? Or maybe get in an online match and try to teach me something (you know, if you have the time and/or patience)?

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definitely dude. if you dig it up msg me at D34d5D00r

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Also, if you want a "starter" character then I would recommend Paul Phoenix or Marshall Law. Worry less about combos at this point and more about smacking the enemy into the ground. If there are any characters you find yourself gravitating towards then check out Tekken Zaibatsu. They've got lists of combos and links to videos for each character, though they are a lot more hardcore about it.

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Use more skill.

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