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Find Your Charger. There's a Reason to Turn On Your PSP Again. 0

For over a decade, Tekken has been a revolutionary force in field of 3D fighters.  It was one of the originals and to this day it is still one of the best.  The arcade scene in America may be dead, but now you can get your Tekken fix anywhere and anytime with this excellent arcade port of Tekken 5's expansion.  With the PSP version of Dark Resurrection, you actually get more than the arcade version offered and even some stuff the home version of Tekken 5 did not have.  The game features ove...

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The PSP finally shows it potential with a portable masterpiece. 0

I have been with the Tekken series right from the first time I loaded Tekken into my Playstation over ten years ago. I knew it then and know it now it is the greatest fighting series ever, in my opnion surpassing even Street Fighter and Soul Calibur. With each installment Tekken just got bigger and better, my personal highlight of the series is Tekken 2. The amount of hours wasted on that game is uncalcuable and I still play it to this day. Anyway I got Tekken 5 DR for christmas as part of my ...

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Not the greatest port but it’s budget price-tag makes it a must. 0

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Tekken originally made a name for itself in arcades, it was such a huge success and like all great arcade games soon made the leap on to consoles. Sony cleverly obtained the license and unsurprisingly it became an instant success, introducing more gamers to the franchise than ever before through the power of accessibility. Then last year the series delved into the portable market and once again succeeded in making a solid game that not only maintained that same great ...

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A Faithful Portable Translation of Namco's Arcade Hit 0

 Tekken fans will have no doubt squirted a nostalgic tear back in 2005 with Tekken 5. It did a great job of restoring what made the Tekken series great in the first place with new combos, traditional 2D combat and an impressive array of extras to play and unlock. So it's a real wonder how Namco were able to restore that goodness in a portable version of the game, Tekken Dark Resurrection. Originally, Dark Resurrection was an update of the original game featuring more customisation options...

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Tekken: Dark Ressurection has flaws, but it's mostly a solid port 0

The Good: Mostly interesting characters + crazy story + amazing graphics, especially on the PSP + complex  fighting system makes for some great fights + great music + the Tekken Dojo is a great idea and is executed very well + lots of great different modes will keep you busy for a while + fun mini games The Bad: The AI is essentially broken - trying to pull off combos with the d-pad can be frustrating. Tekken: Dark Resurrection by no means, a bad game, what with its great fighting system, plus a...

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One of the best fighters ever, read on for a detailed look 0

In short, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection is a fantastic fighting game, and is the best title so far in the Tekken series. If you have any interest in the fighting game genre at all then this is a must have for the PS3. In this review I’ll be talking about the fighting game engine, how it compares to other fighters, and offer some important tips if you are new to the game.First, a bit of history. I was introduced to Tekken back on the playstation over ten years ago, and at the time, Tekken 2 in parti...

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Tekken is still tons of fun, but if you don't already have it 0

 Tekken 5: DR appeared on the Playstation Network last year, right before Christmas, and a pretty hefty price tag of $19.99, and is currently the most expensive item on the store. For those who have no clue what seperates this from the other ports is that this is the Complete Arcade version, and only has the arcade features. So for those of you who liked that Devil Jin mini-game on Tekken 5 for PS2, or liked the Bowling game on the PSP version, none of that will be found here.What is here, howev...

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Dark Ressurection Just Misses Joining the Few Great PSP Classics 0

           Tekken: Dark Resurrection continues the same combo-style fighting system that many others have done before, but this time around the developer had to deal with the PSP's control limitations. With only 4 face buttons and a not-so-precise d-pad, there were some hiccups. One way that this game compensates for its problems is a very in-depth character customization and a new mode called Tekken Dojo. Essentially Tekken Dojo is played like you are a new fighter working your way up through t...

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An indication of just how beautiful PSP games can look. 0

Tekken originally made a name for itself in arcades, it was such a huge success and it was only a matter of time before it made that leap onto consoles. Sony cleverly obtained the license and unsurprisingly it became an instant success, introducing more gamers to the franchise than ever before through the power of accessibility. Now the series tries its hand on the PSP in an attempt to keep up with Nintendo who have dominated the handheld market for such a long period of time. Probably the most ...

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Tekken Review 0

It's not often that you come across a game that redefines the sector it operates in, but to put it quite frankly, Tekken: Dark Resurrection is absolutely staggering. With its very first PlayStation 3 E-Distribution Initiative title, Namco has effectively annihilated just about every preconception you might have about budget downloadable games.This isn't a decades old arcade port looking to sneak a few quid out of you for nostalgia's sake, it's a conversion of the very latest instalment of a huge...

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WOW! 0

tekken 5:dark resurrection (i know there is not a wiki page for that on but im writing a review for the ps3 version)fixed all of the bugs of tekken 5 (and there was quite a few) for example the AI was finally fixed!namco also answered my prayers and jinpachi mishima was adedd to the roster.we also got two new characters (emily "lili" rocherfort and sergei dragunov) and  also a character that was not playable since tekken 2 dun dun dun dun.......... armor king!eddy gordo got his own...

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Greates Figthing game ever!! 0

Tekken 5 online. The true sequel to the best fighting game ever, Tekken 3 Tekken 5 online is a great game that you get hook the instant that you start playing. The graphics are really good but you see some glitches on the characters and some bock ground are gleachy but that wont get in the action and the sound is peaty good and the voice over is excellent and the pouches and hits sound cool. And the game play is excellent is tekken and its sweet. Now the big thing in this game is the online and ...

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