Back into the rabbit hole I go.

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#1 Posted by Demoskinos (17293 posts) -

So, all this Tekken Revolution play has gotten me back into TTT2. Anyone else still playing this?

I think I've finally settled on a team of Asuka & Alisa. Alisa has some pretty interesting combo opportunities. Her f2 is amazing for picking combos up off of a bound. df2,b2,1,f2,f4,1,4 = 66 damage very easy input. A slightly harder version is f3+4,4,b2,1,f2,f4,1,4 = 75 damage version but harder to time the juggle. I can see some other interesting combo opportunities. I'm not entirely sure about how effectively use her Destructive form yet. Anyone else have some interesting Alisa combos or just want to chat some Tekken?

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#2 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4346 posts) -

I like Steve Fox..

No Tekken 7/Tekken X Streetfighter, I see..

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#3 Posted by csl316 (13562 posts) -

Tekken Tag 2 was quite fun, but since me and my buddies don't have time to get together and play for three hours a day it's lost some charm. Nothing compares to in-person marathons.

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#4 Posted by Demoskinos (17293 posts) -

@blu3v3nom07: Steve is interesting. I can't play him for shit but I've seen him played pretty effectively before. Had some major whoopings delivered to me thanks to him.

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#5 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4346 posts) -

@demoskinos: I used to play Tekken 5, and then 6 alot. Some people would compliment me how well I played him. I wasn't amazing, but I held my own against Lee, Hwoarang, etc.

But I didn't buy Tekken Tag 2, so I wouldn't know. I went ahead and downloaded Tekken Rev, and played some. But Tag 2 seems to be raising the bar for future titles, as far as having more fun in the gameplay, rather than giving a shit about graphics and such.

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#6 Posted by jeffrud (534 posts) -

I played hundreds of hours of Tekken 3 on the first PlayStation. Haven't gone back in since, but watching the Revolution QL activated parts of my brain that have been asleep for a decade. Be neat to see if I still main Hwoarang and Eddy at some point.

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@jeffrud: Dude seriously, jump in. I lost faith in Tekken for the longest time but since TTT2 they seem to have gotten it together in a pretty great way. TTT2 was the first Tekken I've played since 3 that clicked with me in any meaningful way. I know a few die hard Tekken fans that feel pretty much the same way as well. Dip your toe into revolution and if you like what you see there go buy TTT2 its only $30 now and you'll be coming in at a great time because now all the DLC that was on the disc which includes characters, stages and costumes are all unlocked for free.

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I am on that Tag 2 grind too especially getting ready for EVO where everyone will murder me. I shouldn't be practicing OTGFs when I won't be playing Heihachi, or not any other Mishima, anyways until after EVO.

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#9 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (7820 posts) -

I'm kind of a fan of Asuka too. Her combos have a nice medium range to them, and some of her attacks have a nice off-beat rhythm to them that makes them hard to judge defensively. Besides her, I usually switch around from P. Jack, Paul, or Lee. I'm godawful at multiplayer, but then again, I jumped in late enough that only the best, most dedicated players were left playing multiplayer, so I'm not feeling too bad about it.

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@sparky_buzzsaw: Yeah Asuka has some real nice juggles. I also really like her counters. Its a fairly big gamble but if you know dude you are fighting is aggressive out of the gate you can bust out a counter at the start of the fight and instantly have the momentum swing your way.

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#11 Posted by JJOR64 (19670 posts) -

I've been kinda playing it lately. I'm so fucking bad at it.

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