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#51 Posted by Demoskinos (16442 posts) -

@lockon_one: Yeah, there are two ranks beyond Tekken Lord. Tekken Emperor and Tekken God.

#52 Posted by lockon_one (114 posts) -

@Demoskinos: thanx. good thing. before it went to consoles i saw some vids before in youtube with the True Tekken God ranking (i think highest). just curious if anyone reached it or if it is only for arcade?

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#53 Posted by Demoskinos (16442 posts) -

@lockon_one: I'm not sure online I'm sure there are people that are close although I usually play +/- 3 ranks of my own rank so I've never seen anyone crazy high online. As for offline ranks yeah I'm sure plenty of people have gotten it. The rank system confused me at first if your going to go for the achievement as well what I found out is that matches higher and lower than you don't seem to count towards your rank all that much so try to always fight people at your own rank.

#54 Posted by lockon_one (114 posts) -

@Demoskinos: oh ok. i just currently play ghost with lots of chars trying to discover some combos, tag assaults, chemistry, techniques etc. my highest is just seiryu, while the others are just around the vanquisher ranks. currently not really into online right now (the joystick i use for competitive play has got problems, also dont use dpad for fighting games) thats why i got curious when i saw the discussion abt the ranks. i was also hoping ttt2 will be capped at tekken god, not just tekken lord when the list of trophies came out. unlike t6 which was capped at 1st dan offline. thnx for the info!

#55 Posted by DeadPan (377 posts) -

Been playing tons of ghost battles to learn some stuff. At the moment im maining Kazuya with a mix of Bryan or Alex. Alex might be a joke character but he has some great mix ups for tag assaults and if he hits his combos can do a ton of damage. People don't expect the left-right-left-right medium kick from him.

Loving the Kazuya being able to transform into Devil, Devil has some decent mix ups. Anyone playing PS3?

#56 Posted by csl316 (11118 posts) -

Oh man, they changed the team site again. Now I'm down to 0 team points, argh.

#57 Posted by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

@lockon_one: Also I believe that after Tekken God, you can still increase rank, but the names don't change, until you get to 100 and your rank is called "True Tekken God." For the crazies.

#58 Posted by dinkys (61 posts) -

I'm down for this.

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#59 Posted by Sudbuster (53 posts) -

I'd like to join in on this.

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#60 Posted by DocHaus (1724 posts) -

After getting beat on a few more times online it's become clear that I should stop mashing buttons and start learning how to do tag assault combo things. If only I could set aside time to actually learn them.

#61 Posted by bearshamanbro (293 posts) -

I found the latest ultrachen on TT2 really helpful. Learned a lot of great tips on getting up off the ground and they had some good match analysis.


I really need to learn some good tag assault combos, but I think they are a double edged sword. Seem best used to end rounds with as they still leave a lot of red health and put the tag partner in rage. My biggest issue is still mashers (mostly Lee, Hwaorange, Lars). Besides defensive grinding in practice mode, the best approach has been learning my safe mids and pressuring them before they get started.

#62 Edited by DocHaus (1724 posts) -


How the fuck am I the one with the most team points and XP despite being so terrible? This doesn't seem right.

On the bright side, came back from a 2-0 deficit and won 3 rounds, my opponent sent me a rage-filled PM last night. I feel like I've accomplished something in-between my screwups! Yay!

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