Tekken Tag Tournament 2 new patch for 10/9

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New Patch includes:

  • New Characters; Miharu, Sebastian and Slim Bob added. They have character endings.
  • New stages; Extravagant Underground, Modern Oasis, Moai Excavation And Odeum Of Illusions which can be accessed by hitting the Triangle/Y button on the stage select screen.
  • New Decal customizations has been added to the customization menu.
  • Some new item moves added to the store which includes Hockey stick, Clyde Racket, Plasma Gun and the Brush.
  • Arcade mode bosses are a lot more easier now when you have the easy difficulty selected.
  • Access to the online store added to the main menu. (Checked PS3 version, it will exit out of the game to access the store. Once you're done in the PS Store it will reboot the game.)
  • Tekken Theater added to the Gallery. Will feature opening and ending movies from the previous Tekken games that players can purchase soon.
  • World Arena added to the online menu which is likened to the Global Colosseum mode in Soul Calibur V. Allows you to pick a region and a server to join a lot of people in a big, single lobby to chat, challenge each other, or volunteer to play randoms. (it shows you the connection and disconnect rate before a match starts if you want to reject an opponent) You can even create your own sub-lobby.
  • PS3 version's load times of character customs in the select screen has been greatly improved.
  • Kuni crouching under mids is confirmed to now be gone.
  • Ancient Ogre's Infinite at the wall is also gone.

source: http://www.avoidingthepuddle.com/news/2012/10/8/ttt2-october-9th-102-patch.html

Answers questions for those asking abt the secret stages found in Tekken Tunes or new characters. Patch is free as well, pre-ordered or not...

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#2 Posted by bearshamanbro (294 posts) -

Game is so awesome, can't believe how much content there is for this game. Almost too many characters because I want to play about half of them. Stages and music are really good.
I hope they bring some of the old customization items back. I'm not really big into customizing my characters, but from the little that I've done it doesn't seem as good as in past Tekkens. Not many unique items for each character. I'm still unlocking items and have had about 500 ghost battles, but it seems like I'm probably getting towards the end of the unlocks.

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#3 Posted by Demoskinos (17310 posts) -

Awesome. Too bad Im kinda done with the game. I can only play one fighter at a time and right now im all about DOA 5.

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#4 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

Nice. I don't own this game but I'm glad to see so much added and for free.

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#5 Posted by DocHaus (2331 posts) -

Did this game just die already around here?

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#6 Posted by csl316 (13692 posts) -

I played the hell out of it for a week, but now that the holiday rush is starting it's being put to the side. Tekken is usually something I play like crazy, stop, come back, repeat.

Nice to see how much this adds. Hopefully they keep it going because the game's awesome.

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@DocHaus: I'm still playing this like crazy but it has seemed to die off pretty quickly around here. I'm not surprised at the quick dropoff because I think the game mostly appeals to the already established base... and it's probably not going to grow the playerbase due to the steep learning curve. The onilne still has a heavy population though and I think it will be the 3-D fighter with the most competition for quite a while. I might post a 6 week impressions on the game in the next week or so, might be interesting to get some thoughts together. I have some mixed feelings about the game, a lot of positives and some negatives.
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#8 Posted by DocHaus (2331 posts) -

@bearshamanbro: If you can be arsed to do so, I look forward to reading those impressions.

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#9 Posted by M_33 (531 posts) -

I still play this game like nobody's business, but that's probably because I'm part of the mentioned "already established base". It's a shame that the Tekken community has so much trouble growing because of that steep learning curve. It's sooo good once you're good.

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