TTT2 was in fact at e3 this year

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Do people in america play Tekken?

I haven't seen any gaming website do coverage for it so far, you'd think the game didn't exist except for the trailers but no, there were in fact demo arcade machines on the show floor.

This is the new upcoming Tekken game, the first Tag game in 12 years, it's pretty important.

I watched all the live giant bomb broadcasts this e3 and the only time it was mentioned was when that guy from gameinformer said "who plays that shit", then everyone agreed, at one point they even named all the upcoming Tekken games... but missed Tag 2.

This is a large franchise, there are movies, there are upcoming crossover games, at least acknowledge it's existence and take a look.

I understand the entire staff grew up with street fighter and mortal kombat, but put your prejudices aside and do some game coverage please.

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Gaint bomb didn't cover alot of games, they are a small company. However there are sites out there that did cover TTT2, it's not like that info isn't out there. 

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I agree, as a big fan I cringed a little at the Tekken dismissals as they seemed pretty ignorant but I guess I can't blame them too much as they don't really follow the fighting scene closely. I think Tekken has really suffered here in the US and has started to become irrelevant for a number of reasons.

  1. The competitive scene here is focused mainly on Street Fighter and MvC and pretty entrenched in Capcom games. Also, I occasionally will watch Tekken Crash from Korea to see top level Tekken play and I gotta say that Street Fighter is just more entertaining to watch.
  2. At this point Tekken just seems a little stale. The graphics keep getting better but there are still tons of re-used things like character animations that go back multiple versions of the game. It gives the impression that each new version is just a new coat of paint and it's basically the same game. That seemed to be one of the most common complaints that I heard, that 6 was pretty much the same game as 5. From the comments I've seen, it appears like many just look at Tag2 as just Tekken6 with tagging. Hence, people covering the game just don't have many things to say about it.
  3. Tekken 6 on consoles was garbage. I think people were excited to jump back in but Namco blew it with terrible single player mode and broken online.

I hope Tekken gets more popular in the US as it seems like Tekken is the last standing pillar for 3D fighters. I like 2D fighting games, but 3D fighters offer so many more possibilities for moving the genre forward (as opposed to being rooted in the 90's). As far as Tekken's standing in the US, I think they really need to completely change it up get people back on board over here. I don't think Tag2 is the re-imagining that will achieve this (although I'll buy it day one and play the hell out of it).

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Just did a little looking around and stumbled onto Jeff's reviews for Tekken games on gamespot.

Tekken 3 - 9.9 "some of the best fighting to be found anywhere."

Tekken Tag - 9.6

Tekken 5 - 9.2 "This fighting game is even more addictive and exciting than the original Tekken"

Seems strange to me how something held in such high regards by him is never ever mentioned, defended or acknowledged, especially when apparently Tekken 3 was perfect.

One last thing, uploaded a replay on Tekken 6 yesterday, 1 minute later refreshed the replay list to find 25 replays had been added in that time on the 360, assuming more people are playing it on ps3's Tekken is still very popular.

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It's funny how you're going on about how Jeff should be defending this series when he gave Tekken 6 three stars and was pretty critical of it.

And again, Tekken still has a fanbase, but it's not in America. We've moved on, which is probably why Tekken 6 sold so poorly here.

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They are more stoked for Street Fighter x Tekken

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@iAmJohn: Tekken 6 was pretty bad. I think Jeff likes the series, it's just that T6 was a weaker entry in terms of features and online.
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I liked Tekken 3-5 but something happened in 6 and I've stopped caring about the series.

I feel like they need to go back to basics.

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@Andyman067 said:

@iAmJohn: Tekken 6 was pretty bad. I think Jeff likes the series, it's just that T6 was a weaker entry in terms of features and online.

I agree.

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