WTF - Tekken Tag 2

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Is there a Giantbomb WTF team? Just got the game for the 360, and I'm interested to join if there is a team already set up.

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Don't think there's a team lined up. With fighting games in the community its kinda just whatever is the latest jam is the game to play. You kinda missed the Tekken side 6 months ago, but even then I think more people were playing DOA 5 then Tekken Tag 2

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I always had a soft spot for Tekken. I played the HELL out of Tekken 6 and now that I'm playing my 360 again after a 5 month break, I want to get back into the fighting game scene.

Also, I just checked WTF. No, there is no giantbomb team and none were ever set up. That's really surprising to me.

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We have one set up by Demoskinos. I think he has to send an invite but activity fell off after a couple weeks, as far as I know. Was kinda cool while it lasted!

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