Tekken x Street Fighter Bosses

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Azazel As Final Boss: It would be interesting to see teams of two beat up such a character in the game because we have seen that tekken characters beat up Azazel in Tekken 6 but have not seen street fighter characters beat up a character as large as this in any street fighter game.Maybe Nancy from Tekken 6 could act as a sub boss as well rather than a bonus fighter.

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Jesus your text is so large I don't even understand it.

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I am actually saying, what do you think should be bosses for Tekken x Street Fighter? - Azazel?

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Sorry about that, I did not know that the font used is too big. But getting to the subject, I just want to see how we can use street fighter characters to beat Azazel because I am able to used Jin Kazama and Armor King to beat Azazel in Tekken 6 for arena, time attack and arcade mode.

Coz, I guess, this may be a very difficult character.

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