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147712 frobie Game Releases 11/28/14 11:36AM 4 Approved
147711 frobie Game Releases 11/28/14 11:35AM 4 Approved
147710 frobie Game Releases 11/28/14 11:35AM 4 Approved
147709 frobie New Release 11/28/14 11:34AM 7 Approved
147708 frobie Game Overview added the developer 11/28/14 11:33AM 4 Approved
147707 frobie New Release 11/28/14 11:33AM 7 Approved
147706 frobie New Release 11/28/14 11:31AM 7 Approved
76931 EvilKatarn Game Releases 12/23/13 01:21PM 17 Approved
49302 peterpasinili007 Game Overview 08/12/13 10:59PM 72 Approved
48809 Carroway Game Releases T3p is mentioned as the developer, the PEGI rating is shown on the games official website. 08/09/13 09:39PM 2 Approved
48808 Carroway Game Releases The Die more edition shows the, PEGI rating and developer name ont the Bottom. T3P does not have a wiki entry on the site. 08/09/13 09:38PM 2 Approved
42405 AlexW00d Game Overview 07/12/13 04:04AM 4 Approved
42404 AlexW00d New Release 07/12/13 04:03AM 4 Approved
12000 MuttersomeTaxicab Game Overview 03/08/13 05:56AM 9 Approved
9590 mdnthrvst Game Overview Roguelike-inspired is a bit more accurate for this case in particular. 02/28/13 08:03AM 3 Approved
9416 Savage Game Overview renamed Overview to Story as that's what that section truly is, small changes to Gameplay section for accuracy, expanded Gameplay section 02/27/13 10:54PM 55 Approved
9409 Savage Game Overview Updated Overview, Gameplay, Blurb, and Game Details sections 02/27/13 10:37PM 142 Approved
6925 MuttersomeTaxicab Game Overview 02/21/13 01:18PM 86 Approved
6923 MuttersomeTaxicab Game Overview 02/21/13 01:09PM 2 Approved
6922 MuttersomeTaxicab Game Overview 02/21/13 01:08PM 28 Approved
6921 MuttersomeTaxicab Game Overview 02/21/13 01:06PM 10 Approved
6918 MuttersomeTaxicab Game Overview 02/21/13 01:05PM 153 Approved

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