Telltale Doing Walking Dead, New Puzzle Agent, New King's Quest

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#51 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

This is great, because just the other day I was thinking about how a new King's Quest game would be cool, but that Activision would never do it. But of course Telltale is able to make it happen. :)

#52 Posted by beeryayghost (354 posts) -

Puzzle Agent is my favorite game on my iPad. Even though it was really short, I loved the artwork and the voices. Cannot wait.

#53 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

I'm calling it:  graphical style will include heavy outlining like the comics would have, and Nolan North will play a voice acting role.

#54 Posted by Gabriel (4131 posts) -

Who wants a Kings Quest Remake from Telltale? 

#55 Posted by Korwin (3502 posts) -

We're the AAAANTS lead by King AAAAAAANTONY, We're coming to HELP King GRAAAAHHHHHAM.

#56 Posted by jonnyboy (2867 posts) -
@taco484 said:
" @Psychosocial said:
" Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest!  *ahem* That is all... "
this! "
For real, this!
#57 Posted by byrjun (180 posts) -

All og this is fabulous news! Is this the road to a Quest for Glory reboot as well? Please oh god oh please oh yeah yea yea!

#58 Posted by Tordah (2559 posts) -

Well, damn. Telltale is certainly gonna have a busy future!

#59 Posted by Fjordson (2557 posts) -

Telltale is on a tear! I'm fresh off the fantastic first episode of Back to the Future, so I can't wait for The Walking Dead. Even sweeter that they're following the plot of the graphic novels (though I did enjoy the first season of the show).
Excited for new Puzzle Agent as well. And Jurassic Park! So much adventuring.

#60 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -
@kratier said:
" i think telltale figured it out, its cheaper to churn out crappy psn/xbl titles with 50k development funds than it is to try to strike it rich with large games  its like with cryptic, they just bank off initial sales, knowing nobody will subscribe in the longrun "
I have a hard time understanding how anybody posting on a gaming site like this could be so ignorant.  Are you seriously going to consider some of the most classic gaming franchises of all time..  Monkey Island, Sam & Max, King's Quest.. "crappy XBL/PSN games"? 
Are you 12?
#61 Posted by harvey_the_pooka (285 posts) -

Kings Quest ! YAY!!!!  
I am waiting for a reboot of Space quest Roger Wilco FTW!!!!
#62 Posted by geirr (2905 posts) -

Ooo c'mon Hero's Quest next please!  
Or Space Quest.. or Police Quest.. I don't know, more Quest!

#63 Posted by SonKite (78 posts) -

Fables, Walking dead and Kings Quest YES, yes and YES
#64 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -

Bleh, least favourite of the Quest games for me. Also, Telltale's remakes haven't really held their own against the originals so far to my mind. Puzzle Agent on the other hand was awesome, and Back to the Future was really good too. Here's hoping for their original IPs (well, as far as games are concerned at least).

#65 Posted by Danda (76 posts) -

They should make less games, but better. They are wasting great licenses.

#66 Posted by andriv (271 posts) -
@Danda: how are they wasting great licences, back to the future was great, sam and max was great and monkey island was great.  I can't see any reason to not trust them with these licences.  Lets at least see what they do with them before we start judging them.
#67 Posted by ckeats (496 posts) -

I wonder if their Walking Dead will be the story of the comics or an original story based in the world at the same time kinda like Jurassic Park? 
Either way, they cant stray anymore away from the source material than the show. 

#68 Posted by andriv (271 posts) -
@kud12001: I hope they do their own story, wonder if robert kirkman will have anything to do with the writing
#69 Posted by ckeats (496 posts) -
@andriv: Theres no doubt he would, he writes for the tv show too.  
And I agree, an original story would probably be better in the long run. 
#70 Posted by andriv (271 posts) -
@kud12001: I think he only wrote the pilot, the show still went in an interesting direction.  
#71 Posted by ckeats (496 posts) -
@andriv: He wrote the episode with the nursing home gangsters.  
#72 Posted by blaakmawf (544 posts) -

Telltalle continues to impress.

#73 Posted by Salgueiro (5 posts) -

Man this is going to be great, im really happy to see that telltale is growing, havent played the back to the future game yet but its probabbly great, the monkey island ones are pretty good and sam and max too.

#74 Posted by Parsnip (1124 posts) -

Too bad that Telltale's game engine looks so rotten.

#75 Posted by SpunkyHePanda (1856 posts) -
@Korwin said:
" We're the AAAANTS lead by King AAAAAAANTONY, We're coming to HELP King GRAAAAHHHHHAM. "
#76 Edited by Vao (340 posts) -

 I'm just wondering if their spreading themselves thin as of late, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Walking Dead, Puzzle Agent and Kings Quest.  It feels their over saturating the market of games their the leader in. 
I don't mind me a point and click adventure game here and there and their monthly episodic system is about as much as i can stand a month.  That being said Doubt I'll pick up anything until im done with the previous  (currently B2TF) 

#77 Posted by gike987 (1811 posts) -

Yes! New Puzzle Agent!

#78 Posted by megalowho (1075 posts) -

So more Telltale reboots of Sierra series might be on the way? I hope Phantasmagoria is next.

#79 Posted by oekintaro (4 posts) -

I just love Telltale! New Kings Quest is great news for us old adventure game junkies.

#80 Posted by ThePantheon (806 posts) -

Imagine Telltale games in the Mass Effect 2 engine.

#81 Posted by tsigalko (14 posts) -

Count me in for the Walking Dead game. 
Jurassic Park, not so much...
#82 Posted by lessmore (4 posts) -

That is awesome!

#83 Posted by whistlebottom (196 posts) -

Every word in this article makes me excited. Hurrah for Tell Tale!

#84 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1284 posts) -

I do wonder how many projects they can actually do concurrently and keep at least the same quality as their previous projects.

#85 Posted by drakesfortune (321 posts) -

King's Quest!!!

#86 Posted by Kyle (2374 posts) -

They cannot be stopped...

#87 Posted by Eyz (469 posts) -

The Puzzle Agent 2 news is great and I can't wait to see how they resurrect King's Quest. Though the Sierra point & clicks were known for their difficulty, I don't know how that feel will transfer to TellTale games...
The other are great news too, but I'm kinda tired of adaptations myself :/

#88 Posted by invadernick (282 posts) -

wow telltale is on a roll!

#89 Posted by Linkster7 (1099 posts) -

Kings Quest! HELL YEAH.

Will I still need my old manual to get up that damn mountain? 

#90 Posted by mrhollender (72 posts) -

Episodic Walking Dead game...awesome.   
New King's Quest... super awesome.   
Walking Dead by the makers of Sam & Max, Strongbad, Wallace & Gromit...ummmm.  
Maybe Telltale should cut their teeth doing their first "serious" game (aside from the CSI games) on a franchise without such a rabid, devoted following.

#91 Posted by SammydesinasNL (849 posts) -

Don't forget their also publishing future episodes of Hector: Badge of Courage.
#92 Posted by hxcaleb (105 posts) -

Telltale is on their way to taking over the world. So many games. That studio must have grown immensely over the past couple of years.

#93 Posted by Bonewood (22 posts) -

Zombies! and Episodic Comedy gaming. my day just got better!!!!

#94 Edited by darkjester74 (1610 posts) -

I just finished Puzzle Agent, am I the only one who is creeped out by those gnomes?
Oh yay, more zombie games.  Ugh.

#95 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

Zombies should have won the take a break award.

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